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Partnership for academic excellence: Macromedia University and University of Westminster

Get your British B.A. (Hons) degree in Germany

Macromedia University offers students the opportunity to earn a British Bachelor of Arts (Hons) degree from the University of Westminster while living and studying in Germany. It is an extraordinary opportunity for international students to distinguish themselves with a truly international flair and stand out in the global job market.

Macromedia University’s practice-oriented teaching and close links with industry partners is a perfect complement to the outstanding academic portfolio of the University of Westminster. Through practice projects and close engagement with the industry, students at Macromedia University have plenty of opportunities to mingle with the industry, expand their network, and gain an international outlook while enjoying a vibrant cultural life.

As a strategic partner of the prestigious University of Westminster since 2015, Macromedia University offers the following Westminster undergraduate programmes in Germany:

This partnership is a result of the University of Westminster’s accreditation of the English-language courses of Macromedia University following an exhaustive academic evaluation. Students meeting the UK admission requirements are able to pursue these programmes at Macromedia University in Germany while being officially registered at the University of Westminster. Upon graduation, students are awarded the internationally recognised Bachelor of Honours degree from the University of Westminster.

Additional Degree: Get the German Bachelor along with your B.A. (Hons)

What makes these programmes even more interesting for students is the chance to earn the additional German Bachelor's degree under the 7 Semester Additional Degree track.

In this track, students will join the seventh semester of the Macromedia Bachelor track after completing the six semesters of their B.A. (Hons). To join the German Bachelor track, students do not need to meet the German admissions criteria. Also, no additional Bachelor thesis is required. 

Within the scope of this study model, graduates receive two internationally recognised degrees: the B.A. (Hons) and the German B.A.

Top benefits of joining a B.A. (Hons) programme

Get the internationally recognised BA (Hons) from the University of Westminster: Open up unrivaled career opportunities both in Germany and rest of the world with the BA Hons degree that is taught entirely in English by the highly qualified Macromedia professors

Get the additional German degree on top of the UK BA (Hons):  For Media and Communication Management and Media Design programmes, you have the chance to augment your academic background by earning the German Bachelor degree alongside the BA (Hons). Join the Macromedia Bachelor track after the sixth semester of your BA (Hons) and upon graduation, you will receive two degrees: the BA (Hons) and the German BA degree. 

Get exemption from the strict German admissions criteria: If you decide to go for the seventh semester to earn the German Bachelor's degree, there is no need to meet the German admissions criteria.

About the University of Westminster

With a rich history of academic excellence, the University of Westminster sets itself apart in the global academic landscape. Since its inception in 1838, the University continues to stay committed to holistic development of students, inclusivity and continuous innovation providing a stimulating learning environment for students.

The University’s excellent portfolio of practice-led and research-oriented programmes in Media and Communication and the Creative Arts is underpinned by world leading research and close relationships with the industry sectors in the UK and internationally. The university has also received excellent QAA ratings for a wide range of courses, such as politics, communication and media and others. Learn more about the University of Westminster.

Three distinct paths to BA Hons

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6 Semester Regular Track

As long as you fulfil the UK’s admission requirements*, you can join the 6 semester course in the winter semester – with no need for any knowledge of German. You will complete your studies towards an internationally recognised Bachelor of Arts (Honours) from the University of Westminster in 6 semesters (with 180 ECTS).

7 Semester Track

You can opt to augment your course of study with an additional vocational semester that will give you a unique insight into the German working environment and help you forge professional contacts in the industry. The fully accredited vocational semester results in a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) with 210 ECTS, which qualifies you to complete a master’s degree at Macromedia and many other universities worldwide in only 3 semesters.

7 Semester track with Additional Degree

Once you complete the six semesters of the BA (Hons) of the University of Westminster, you can join the seventh semester of the BA Programme at Macromedia University. Upon completion, you will receive the Macromedia University BA in addition to your University of Westminster degree. Bonus: You write only one BA thesis and receive two globally recognised degrees.

The programme includes one semester abroad which gives you the unique opportunity to broaden your personal and professional horizons.

University of Westminster

"We are delighted to have built a strategic partnership with Macromedia, the largest private University for Media and Communication in Germany, and to offer our programmes for you at Macromedia in the heart of the German media industry."

Prof. Dr. Kerstin Mey

Prof. Dr. Kerstin Mey
Dean, Faculty of Media, Arts and Design
University of Westminster

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