Prof. Dr. Dr. Castulus Kolo

Prof. Dr. Dr.  Castulus Kolo.

Vice President for Academic Affairs and Research
Programme Media Economy
Graduate School, Media Faculty
Campus Munich

Prof. Dr. Dr. Castulus Kolo has been responsible for the research and teaching of Macromedia University since 2013 as the dean and the Vice President. He teaches and researches on the issues of media development, strategic challenges of media management and the innovation in the media industry.

Prof. Kolo first studied physics at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich, Germany and earned a PhD at the Particle Physics Laboratory CERN, Geneva (Switzerland). Later, he gained an additional PhD in social anthropology. He has gathered extensive experience in consulting and applied research with one of the leading international top management consultancies and the German Fraunhofer Society in different positions - eventually as board member of its consulting spin-off. In 2001, he became member of the board of directors of the corporate venture management of a large German publishing house.

Throughout his management career, Prof. Kolo continued his academic activities as a lecturer on innovation management, media and ICT at several universities. Besides academics, Prof. Kolo continues to work as a business consultant for various major companies. In 2004, he founded his own consulting company, Future Directions.


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