Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, drones and 360 degrees cameras - Experience the digital world while studying

Live and mobile, smart and connected: Digitisation has not only radically changed our lives and working habits. Emerging technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) are opening up exciting new experience dimensions.

Through the continuous reduction in the sizes of microchips and the further development of sensors, cameras and displays, these systems can now be manufactured for the mass market. Soon enough, the resulting virtual spaces will be an integral part of our daily lives. These developments also mean that exciting new opportunities have opened up for filmmakers and designers, media makers, journalists and communicators.

Media Labs at the Macromedia University - Room for experiments

The new technologies are far more than just further development of existing filming and recording techniques. Especially with Virtual Reality, the physical experience of the user changes drastically as they can plunge into the virtual spaces and influence them by their behaviour.

Professionals who want to use or evaluate these media must understand the qualities of the new experience. The Media Labs at Macromedia University give students the opportunity to test and experiment, both with regards to user experience and creative design.

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Test the high-tech equipment - Discover favourite devices

The university's goal is to train students on the latest state of the art technologies. Consistently, equipment from various manufacturers are made available for practice. Depending on the developer's focus, the functionalities and application possibilities of the different systems differ. Among other things, the students work with:

  • VR Systems: SONY Playstation VR, BOBO-VR Z4, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, HoloLens
  • PC Workstations: Hyrican Elegance 5339 blanc, WD Gold HDD 4TB, ASUS PB279Q 27-inch monitor
  • Camera systems: Kodak DVC-SP360 Dual Pack, Kodak WPH-03 Camera Housing, Manfrotto Befree One Tripod
  • Software: Mettle Skybox Suite, Autodesk Maya, Moculus for Maya, Structure Canvas 3D Scanning + iPad 4 mini, VR Desktop for Oculus Rift, VR Desktop for HTC Vive, Unreal Game Engine, Adobe Creative Cloud

Depending on the field of study, different aspects of the new technologies are emphasised to build specialised skills.

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The media managers: Brand experience and entertainment

In the field of marketing, anything that captures the attention of potential customers has a potential as a marketing platform.

A virtual test drive in a car? Perhaps, even more exciting than a real test drive. Feel the euphoria of a live concert in your own home? The virtual concert organizer, NOYS, the start-up of a Macromedia Music Managers, is already making it happen.

Branded Entertainment, Content Marketing, Native Advertising - the great storytelling trends of digital marketing can be implemented in the virtual worlds in a new dimension.

Find out how this is taught in Media Management

It is quite different in sports management, where the new camera technologies are often used for analysis purposes. Drones and 360-degree shots support trainers and athletes to optimize maneuvers, rework game strategies, and synchronize movement sequences. This is a major research focus at the Macromedia University. A number of professional sports associations appreciate our students already as high-tech training partners.

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Business Management : Innovation and Value Creation

Anyone who has ever placed a VR or AR glasses, knows its magical effect. However, in the areas of application and, consequently, the distribution and payment systems, we're just getting started.

Training and testing can be considered a major field of application. The simulated worlds can help in reducing risks, costs and shorten learning time in different types of trainings. For example, aircraft pilots already train using standard VR simulators. However, VR and AR applications are fundamentally suitable for everything that has to do with seeing and spatial perception, which helps or supports the users.

Managers who bring innovative thinking and concrete technological skills are in demand in order to realize the endless variety of conceivable applications.

Find out more about the International Management course.

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The journalists: Proximity and context

In journalistic reporting, it is often the goal to convey to the recipient the feeling of the greatest possible proximity to events and locations. Virtual reality applications bring this quality of experience and offer a new and engaging way of storytelling.

Another goal may be to transport the historical, cultural or geographical context of a story. Here, Augmented Reality offers many exciting opportunities to bring additional information into the real world. Sport journalism benefits from on yet another aspect: above all, the discipline of live coverage has enormously benefited from the ultra-small camera technologies. Whether on helmet cameras, drones and 360-degree cameras, the spectators benefit from a closer proximity to the athletes as well as from great aerial visuals.

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The designers: User experience and user orientation in the virtual world

Each medium has its own specific design principles resulting from the context of its usage. For example, the evolving predominance of mobile communications means that many apps and games are developed only for the smartphone. Even film makers who traditionally produce wide screen formats now make small image formats as well - if they know that their content is primarily consumed as small clips on the mobile phone.

Designers are only beginning to explore the virtual world and it will be a while until there is a consensus on design principles in this medium. This task of developing ideal shapes, colors, proportions, arrangements and symbols for the new virtual worlds will be one of the most important tasks of today's designers working on the digital media.

How should the user experience of a game be? How does an optimal navigation and an intuitive interaction look like in a VR environment? Along with the indispensable testing and experimenting, designers today have scores of interesting creative tasks, thanks to these new technologies.

Find out the main focus of the course of study in Media and Communication Design

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Filmmakers: Visual narratives in the third dimension

Since the first recordings of the Lumière brothers, the story of the film deals with the art of creating certain reactions in the viewers through two-dimensional images. All the narrative techniques of filmmakers and camerapersons are aimed at the typical audience perception in front of a screen or canvas.

With VR, this situation changes fundamentally. The consumers can move around the virtual world by themselves. They are the master of the excerpts, moments, and interactions. This means the narration patterns will change fundamentally in VR films.

For film artists, a completely new discipline is emerging. A great adventure awaits all specialists involved in the filmmaking. We can’t wait for it.

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Media competence: Must-have for the Work 4.0

Media competency is no longer a nice-to-have. In fact, it is a must-have to attract the attention of consumers, create new branding experiences and recognize innovative business models.

In this respect, the Media Labs help our students to build a clear competitive advantage for the work environment 4.0.

The attitude which we instil in them by the end of their studies, however, is almost more powerful than technical skills: A positive approach to change is our credo. Technology-driven innovations are at the heart of our teaching. We are the University for Digital Transformation. #youchange

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