Dennie Trost

Dennie Trost
Media Management, PR and Communication Management
Campus Hamburg

Occupation following studies: Head of Business Development, whatever mobile gmbH
Where are you currently working and how is your position called?
whatever mobile GmbH / Head of Business Development

What are your duties in that job?

  • Distribution strategy
  • New acquisition
  • Strategic expansion of divisions
Why did you choose this job and what excites you about it?   
I love that I have the freedom to shape my days the way I want to. Apart from that I love working in a relaxed and exciting surrounding with great people and constantly changing duties.  

Is this the kind of job you where hoping for when you were still studying?  
No, not at all.

Do you think that the classes and the practice projects prepared you well enough for the real working life?

The lecturers and their practical experience were the best preparation. The knowledge they shared was worth gold.

Where did you work during your practice semester and which experiences did you gain?  
Havas Worldwide Group in Düsseldorf. The experiences I gathered there prepared me for my future working life. Not in regards to the substance, but in regards to my technique and skills.  

Did you get along with your fellow students? Are you still in contact with them and what do you expect to gain from those contacts in future?
I already built a few business connections with former fellow students, that certainly makes me happy. I hope that’s something I’ll continue to do in the future.

Looking back, what do you miss the most? What did you like, what didn’t you like?
The practical relevance was one of the essential parts of the studies. I would have loved to also spend a semester abroad.

In general, what do you think about the current topic of development and change?

My personal term of the year: „Disruption“.

How important is it to show openness towards change, in order to survive the modern world?   
I am working in a company, that is 100 % agile, it’s crucial to be open minded towards change.  

Where do you want to be in ten years?
With my both feet firmly on the ground. I barely can imagine what will be happening in the next two months.

Do you have any advice for our freshmen?
Be authentic and always be yourself. I’m totally serious about that. It pays out the most, when you don’t pretend in the working world.  


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