Robert Stötzer

Robert Stötzer
Media Management, Sports and Event Management
Campus Munich

Occupation following studies: Industry Manager, Google Switzerland GmbH
Where do you work now and what is your position?
Google Ireland Limited - Key Account Manager Large Customer Sales

What does your role entail?
Consulting and selling Google advertising solutions for large customers in Switzerland.

Why did you take the position and what inspires you?
I get to have inspiring discussions with exciting "googlers" and the work culture and my colleagues at Google inspire me. I am glad that my long-standing independent professional experience was able to help me to find the appropriate answers to most questions in the interviews.

Did you imagine you'd be doing this kind of job before you began your studies?

Did the teachers and projects at the university prepare you for the work you're doing today?
The basis of what I am doing today, was taught to me at Macromedia College. The university provides you with exactly the right tools – it's up to you to use them in the right way. 

Where did you do your internship semester and how would you rate your experience there?
At SPONSORs Verlags GmbH. I was involved in great events while I was there. The internship also helped me to orientate myself, to discover where I wanted to focus later in my professional life - and where not.

How was your contact with your fellow students? Are you still in touch today?
My private contact with fellow students is still very good. I also expect to find exciting business opportunities from the Macromedia network.

When you think back to your studies, what really stands out? 
I especially liked the cohesion among the students, the closeness to the professors and practise projects.

What do you think about "change and transformation" and how important is it to be "open to change" to be successful in the future, digitally driven world of work?
Situations change day by day, so you have to view change and transformation positively. If you don't, you will sink in the digital world.

Do you know where you want to be in 10 years time?

Yes, but five years ago I didn't think I'd be living in Dublin and working for Google.

Is there any advice you would like to share with our freshmen?
At least try.


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