Joel-Benjamin Schröter

Joel-Benjamin Schröter
Media Management, Music Management
Campus Hamburg

Occupation following studies: Rocksound Management GmbH
Where are you currently working and how is your position called?
I am self-employed. Me and my father are leading the company Rocksound Management.

What are your tasks and duties in that job?
My main responsibility is the Key-Account Management as well as Business Development.

Why did you choose this job and what excites you about it?
I grew up in the music industry. Music and events have always been interesting to me. My father was the one to offer me a career start in the company after I successfully finished my studies.

Do you think that the classes and the practice projects prepared you well enough for the real working life?
Yes. I am proud to be part of my father’s business and happy to help leading the company in a younger and new direction.

Do you think that the classes and the practice projects prepared you well enough for the real working life?
The university and the professors had a strong focus on practical relevance and always found a way to connect theory with practice. Those skills and tools are crucial in today’s working world and helped me a lot with my career start. I certainly found a way to see the bigger picture.

Where did you do your practical semester and how do you feel about the experiences you made there?
I completed my practical semester at Amptown System Company, where I worked in Marketing and Distribution. It was an exciting time, during which I learned a lot. I quickly got a lot of responsibility and always found someone in the team to help me with my questions. The 6-months of internship strengthened my basic knowledge of business administration and thought me a lot through the project work. First and foremost I had a great team.

Looking back, how do you feel about the semester you spent at the international partner university? Did you gain important impulses?  
The semester abroad was a great experience and a big step towards the further development of my personal skills and personality. In general the time in London inspired me a lot.

Did you get along with your fellow students? Are you still in contact with them and what do you expect to gain from those contacts in future?
I am still in contact with a few of them. I can even imagine doing business with some of them in near future. Apart from that, we were a small but great group of people, we had a great time together.  

Looking back, what did you like the most?
Working on the projects together and the modern campus.

How important is it to show openness towards change, in order to survive the modern world?   
Very important. The key is to handle change in the right way.

Do you already know where you want to be in ten years?
Yes. I’m hoping to lead a successful company.  

Do you have any advice for our freshmen?
Diligence and stamina will also support you in your future goals. But there’s no better stress release than a great party.


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