Ferdinand Delius

Ferdinand Delius
Media Management, Sports and Event Management
Campus Hamburg

Occupation following studies: Trainee Sales, Dr. Oetker
Where do you work today and what is your position?
I work at Dr. Oetker doing an international trainee program with a focus on sales.

What does your role entail?
I work in all relevant company departments, such as marketing, sales and controlling, on a 2-3 monthly rotation. The program runs for 18 months and includes a 6-month assignment abroad in one of the company's 40 countries. I am currently working as a project manager at Dr. Oetker Switzerland.

Why did you take the position and what inspires you?

I saw the trainee program as an ideal career start for me. It gives me the opportunity to get to know a company holistically and to better understand how different departments interlink. I always wanted to be part of a trainee program at an international company. Dr. Oetker offers me exactly what I was looking for. Dr. Oetker is still 100% family owned and the positive atmosphere this creates is particularly inspiring for me.

Did you imagine you'd be doing this kind of job before you began your studies?

I didn't know exactly what I'd be doing. I have always worked within different sectors and my area of ​​interest has always been very broad. Both my training as well as my internship and professional experience reflects this. However, it has always been important for me to have a professional life with lots of contact with people and communications activities.

How did the teachers and projects at the university prepare you for the work you're doing today?
By covering various different subjects (accounting, law, marketing), the university turned me into a good generalist. The various student projects and excursions (to the Ötztal valley with Prof. Dr. Andreas Hebbel-Seeger in particular) have strengthened my team capabilities. The integrated internship semester was a great opportunity to gain practical experience during my studies.

Where did you do your internship semester and how would you rate your experience there?

I did my internship semester at the Hamburg-based media company Gruner & Jahr. For the first three months, I was employed in the Business Cooperations department for financial media, and then I was a project manager in the marketing department for Stern / GEO / art . During my internship semester I learned to combine theory and practice. However, I also learned that theory can only serve as a basis in certain situations and often looks quite different in practice.

If applicable: How would you evaluate your semester at the foreign partner university? What experiences did you take away?

Unfortunately a semester abroad wasn't offered during my studies. But I would advise every student to take the opportunity if it's offered. During the semester holidays, I completed summer sessions at American universities. Gaining international experience is really important in today's global world.

How was your contact with your fellow students? Are you still in touch today?
Contact with my fellow students was very good during my studies. Of course it's decreased now due to geographical differences. But last week I met a fellow student who was visiting Zurich.

When you think back to your studies, what really stands out?
Our study trip to the Ötztal with Prof. Dr. Andreas Hebbel-Seeger. We did some climbing and then analyzed management and decision-making processes in various team exercises. And, of course, the many student parties ... :)

What do you think about "change and transformation"?
The first thing I think of is digitalization, which affects every sector. In a personal context, I think "change and transformation" is very important in this day and age, as we are always changing and reacting to constant changes in the professional world.

How important is it to be "open to change" to be successful today and in the future modern, digitally driven world of work?
Openness for change" is a key success factor for the sustainable success of a company. Many business models that have been successful for decades have had to be totally rethought because of digitalization.

Do you know where you want to be in 10 years time?

I've never been the type for 5- or 10-year goals. After finishing my Abitur, I completed an apprenticeship as a publisher, then studied media management with a focus on sports and events. Then I earned a master's degree in business psychology with a focus on marketing management. I finished my study internship in a media house, and now work on a project basis for banks and am doing a trainee program in the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) sector. I hope I'll enjoy the same degree of diversity over the next 10 years.

Is there any advice you would like to share with our freshmen?
Gather experience - in every respect! Both in the variety of different courses on offer at Macromedia, in the internship semester, the semester abroad. And also in your contact with fellow students and professors and, of course, out in the Hamburg nightlife, if you have enough time to enjoy it while you're studying!


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