Mission and Profile of Macromedia University

The Macromedia University is a private international university situated in Germany, offering study programmes related to the digitisation and globalisation of society. The focus is on development programmes, in which understanding of media networking, management perspective and creative design plays an important role. While the curriculum applies to the media and communications industry, it is continually expanding in line with the developments in the modern world, and presently comprises many other sectors of the economy. The aim of the university is to educate experts of the future, enabling them to leave their mark on the world via the use of media, interdisciplinary collaboration, intercultural competence, and working in the creative industrial landscapes and the civil society, thus helping shape the economy of the future.
The university aims to offer its students a solid foundation for the demands of the industry they will work in once they graduate. This mission is supported by academic staff dedicated to their profession and the development of new initiatives. While the university provides study programmes that equip the students with the required current scientific and practical professional knowledge, it strives towards sustainable, ethical and responsible thinking and acting, thus offering a significant service to the community and broader society.
The aim is to motivate the students to remain lifelong learners, to encourage them to continually pursue excellence and personal development, and to ensure their civil participation in a free, democratic state. In addition to enabling students to develop technical expertise, all staff members strive to promote self-responsibility, community involvement and development of constructive conflict management.
The students thus develop a wide range of abilities, while also being encouraged to think critically and observe phenomena around them from a wide range of perspectives. This social and cultural science perspective is most evident in the Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees, which offer a solution-oriented management perspective, a psychological view of the individual, as well as a creative and formative complementary perspective.
The university prides itself on its quality teaching staff, all of whom perceive their profession as a vocation, and are thus fully dedicated to the promotion of excellence in everything they do. The objectives and the mission of the university itself are embraced and exemplified through the exemplary performance of its faculty. Thus, the learning experience offered to the students has the skills development as its primary goal. Interdisciplinary exchange with colleagues from diverse fields of expertise, along with interdisciplinary research, further adds to the joy of learning and exploring new horizons.
The university has also forged important partnerships with businesses and corporates, as well as many other citizens and institutions in the society. Its programme and initiatives have gained international reputation, owing to the high quality standards and adherence to the requirements of international education and the labor market.
All managers and employees are committed to these principles. Appreciative feedback, clarity, consistency, respect, fairness and willingness to offer and receive criticism, while also being prepared for self-criticism, are the basis for improving leadership skills and the quality of service. The principles of delegation, competence and responsibility are at the core of higher education and administration.
Macromedia programmes are characterised by the following features:

  • Knowledge-based and entrepreneurial
  • Innovative and framing
  • Focus on collaborative and personal success
  • International and cross-linked

1. Knowledge-based and entrepreneurial

The Macromedia University is based on applied interdisciplinary cooperation and future-oriented education. The institution offers all the essential aspects of modern production and the associated digital transformation, management and creativity in the modern society. Its approach to learning is research-oriented and the students are exposed to the latest scientific developments. At the same time, they are continually prepared for the labor market by allowing them to gain insight into the practical aspects of their profession. Through close links with the economy, the programme achieves integration of research, teaching and practice. Practical projects allow the students to partake in entrepreneurial activities while being creative and having fun. The aim of this initiative is to promote media literacy and responsibility among the students and provide them with a high degree of reflectivity. Therefore, the doctrine is based on the combination of knowledge and skills with the systematic instructions for building a wide range of individual skills and competences.

2. Innovative and framing

The Macromedia University provides the students with the aptitude to face the current and future business and creative challenges and tasks in the context of digitisation and internationalisation. This goal serves as the starting points for teaching. To deepen the students’ competence, goal-oriented teaching methods are applied, allowing individual students a chance to develop their respective talents and abilities for innovative thinking. In taking this approach, the students are prepared to formative action and discover new ways of addressing practical problems. The aim is to equip the graduates with the skills sought after in the labor market, thus ensuring their "employability." By offering them ample opportunities for creative participation in work, their success in future professional life is ensured. These innovative teaching formats take the three basic forms—classroom teaching, e-learning and blended learning—that meet all the learning objectives, alongside in-house training and field trips.

3. Focus on collaborative and personal success

The partnership roles of teachers and learners, extensive cooperation with various companies, personal care, teaching of key skills, innovation and high quality standards characterise the university. The Macromedia University’s mission is to provide the best support for its students, thus ensuring their professional and personal success. In other words, the university is based on a humanistic ideal of self-directed education, supported by all the modern tools, such as digital learning and close ties with the professional working environment. Therefore, interdisciplinary seminars on motivation, self-management, entrepreneurship, social skills, intercultural understanding and presentation skills, as personal development programmes, are offered to all students.

4. International and cross-linked

The Macromedia University has already achieved a prominent position in the national education market, but has also been developing an increasingly international profile. It prepares national and international students for a global work environment, where they will be ready to play an important role in the high-quality management and creative positions. The university prepares the students for a wide variety of careers through specific courses and the compulsory semester abroad. Moreover, it provides students with an environment in which the various networks, international contacts, professional liaisons and alumni contacts are recognised as important for career success and are continually maintained. The students perceive these initiatives as Living Networks, allowing them to develop the sense of the broader scope of higher education and the professional world, ensuring that they life-long relationships with colleagues and peers, as well as experts in a wide range of academic and professional sectors.



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