International Focus

Internationality and cosmopolitanism

The internationalisation of higher education policy has meant considerable changes to the context and conditions in which universities in Europe operate. Alongside teaching, this also affects research, which is increasingly taking place in an environment of international competition.

For us as a media university, internationalisation is at the focus in all aspects. Internationalisation at Macromedia includes the fact that all fields of the media industry – film, TV, brand communication, PR or journalism, and design and games – involve global work. To put it simply,media products are export and import commodities.

International experiences in general, and collaboration with overseas universities and businesses in particular, thus come to play an important role in the quality of a university. Both for the professors, and for the students whom we send out into the global labour market as graduates. Intercultural skills have become a key asset in the profile of the present and future generation of university graduates.

The Graduate and Postgraduate School is responding to this development with a comprehensive blueprint for internationalisation, the core of which is Macromedia’s integration into a worldwide university network.

Using the catchphrase 5CU (Five-Continent Universities), and following the initiative of Prof. Dr. Jürgen Faust, Ph. D., President of Macromedia University, a network of international partner universities has been built up, including renowned private universities which are among the best in their respective countries.
This enabled Macromedia University to build up a unique and wordwide network, meanwhile consisting of more than 20 collaborations, for example with the Monash University in Melbourne (Australia), the Kwangwoon University in Seoul (South Korea), Tecnológico Monterrey in Mexico or the University of Westminster in London.
In the framework of the Macromedia University’s 6+1 programme, our students spend one semester at one of our international partner universities. There they are taught and examined according to the curriculum of the Media School, so they can gain international experience without losing any study time.

We also collaborate with our international partners on the level of research and teaching.

Macromedia University has successfully applied for ECHE (Erasmus Charta for Higher Education). ECHE allows the university to participate in all Erasmus+ activities like strategic collaborations and Knowledge Alliances with universities from Europe and associated countries.

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