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Change is the norm in today’s world. Digital technologies are driving continuous changes in our society and economy with a high degree of dynamism. Above all, the media industry is characterised by this constant change and a multitude of innovative developments. How can we deal with the future of the media society? How can we foresee, identify and exploit the opportunities brought on by digital transformation? These and other questions about the global media and business world are addressed by Macromedia University of Applied Sciences. 

The increasingly connected world and the obsolescence of boundaries between disciplines mean that the future needs people who are versatile enough to collaborate across disciplines, anticipate changes, and design effective strategies to address those changes. These are the people we are educating as ‘The University for Digital Transformation’.


Absolute Fit for Industry 4.0

Macromedia University, a part of Galileo Global Education, is one of the largest German universities for professionally-oriented courses in media management, design, arts, music and business management with around 120 professors and more than 4,000 students coming from over 80 different countries. Our students learn methods and skills that prepare them for the challenges of the rapidly changing world of industry 4.0 that is characterised by automation, big data, machine learning and other advanced technologies and trends. With interdisciplinary approach and curriculum, we empower graduates to be versatile in diverse areas, especially through the combination of creative approaches, technical skills and strong management skills. As the university for digital transformation, we instill in them a positive attitude towards change and the competence vital to shaping these changes, thus securing the critical advantage on the labour market. This motto is also conveyed through our slogan "you change".


Teaching by qualified professors

At Macromedia University, students are taught by their full professors starting from the first semester. This sets Macromedia University apart from the other education providers who offer similar programmes but do not have university status and do not employ professors from the start of the courses.  


Strategic Partnership with the University of Westminster

In collaboration with the prestigious University of Westminster, Macromedia University offers two English-language Bachelor of Honours programmes giving students the opportunity to benefit from the best of two worlds – an internationally recognised BA (Hons) and internationally-oriented study experience in the major media hubs of Germany.   

In these programmes, students are officially registered at the University of Westminster while they study at one of the campuses of Macromedia University in Germany. 


Integrated semester abroad with exclusive university partners

A special feature of the Bachelor’s degree is the international semester, during which our students spend time at one of the 18 international partner universities of the so-called 5CU (Five-Continental University) consortium, with which Macromedia University has developed cooperation agreements. The 5CU consortium includes prestigious institutions such as Tecnológico de Monterrey, Chulalongkorn University and the University of Westminster. Whether our students want to study close by the beaches of Sydney or San Diego, the historical buildings of Rome or the urbanity of Bangkok - based on the already completed academic examinations, full recognition of their foreign studies is guaranteed. 


Wide network of partners for practice-led learning

In order to offer the students a close interplay between theory and practice, the university has filled its approximately 120 professorships with scientists and experts from industry, universities, and agencies. The study incorporates real tasks from the first semester, practical projects with renowned companies such as Siemens, Adobe or Sky, as well as a six-month internship. At the same time, the students benefit from individual supervision ensuring the development of their social, creative and professional personalities together with the acquisition of theoretical knowledge. 


State-recognised and accredited degrees

Macromedia University of Applied Sciences has campuses in Munich, Stuttgart, Freiburg, Cologne, Hamburg, Leipzig and Berlin. All undergraduate and graduate programmes are accredited by the FIBAA agency and recognised by the Ministry of Science, Research and Art Baden-Württemberg. In 2011, Macromedia University also received institutional accreditation from the German Federal Government's Scientific Council, and in 2014 the quality seal of the media camp in Bavaria. The CHE-Hochschulranking 2014/15 lists Macromedia University several times in the field of media/communication sciences/journalism. All Bachelor programmes are designed for the acquirement of 210 ECTS and thus meet the formal requirements for a successive Master's degree. 

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Embracing digitization, shaping future: Here lays the core of our teaching. Film student Christian found strong pictures for that.

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Cooperation with industry is at the core of our teaching. Get a few glimpses of some exciting projects our students have worked on. (2:05 min)

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