Macromedia Media Faculty

Go from being a consumer to a maker of media

Media – especially the digital ones - make up our days.

Our days start with a glance at our smart phones for briefings on the latest news and weather. We  post and like on Facebook or YouTube  while making our ways through the hours and town. While doing such, Spotify and its like provide us with the soundtrack of our daily lives. A great evening is followed by a posting on Snapchat. As all this shows, we have long gone from being mere consumers of media to proactive creators of and commentators the content comprising our digital society. Should you see this as being your job of choice, come to us. We'll teach you the profession of media management!

The media  also have a huge scope of activity. This is because they are the key components of marketing, advertising and culture. Our course in media management will accordingly teach you how to use the media to create and administer the strategies, messages  and events moving, enthusing, inspiring and entertaining persons!

The Macromedia Media Faculty's degree programme in media management provides you with the knowledge and hands-on training required to understand, make and manage media. These programs are comprised of six semesters at your home campus, plus one abroad. Graduates attain an internationally-recognized bachelor's degree.

Graduates of the media management degree program are qualified to handle the business, legal, technical and creative aspects of the media. As such, they are sought after by employers. Such careers often lead to management positions in the media industry itself, and with manufacturers and service providers.

Semester abroard
Each degree program features a semester abroad. This is designed to provide you with an international perspective on world media. The semester's contents and thrusts form an integral part of your studies. This semester is at one of the universities comprised in our 5CU network, which spans the entire world. 

Media Faculty

  • Academic Degree

    Bachelor of Arts

  • Duration of Study

    7 Semester, 1 Semester Abroad

  • Starting

    Summer and Winter Term

  • Location

    Munich, Stuttgart, Cologne, Hamburg, Leipzig, Berlin, Freiburg

  • Application process

    Recognized school leaving certificate, personal interview, submission of complete application documents with work samples where applicable.

  • Student Advisory Service

    For further information about the University, financing and scholarships please contact the Student Advisory Service at your preferred campus. Come and join us for one of our several events.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us:
  • Phone numbers:
  • Munich +49 89 544151-0
  • Stuttgart +49 711 280738-0
  • Cologne +49 221 31082-0
  • Hamburg +49 40 3003089-0
  • Berlin +49 30 2021512-0

    Every Tuesday and Thursday, we organise a webinar for interested applicants. Sign up to join the next session.