Creative Arts Faculty

Creating the images that create themselves in out head

Visuals are the fare of daily life. Our environment is replete with images, designs, ads, video clips and films. These visuals tell stories arousing our emotions and conveying information. While doing such, they change the way that we perceive our world.

The Creative Arts Faculty at Macromedia University devotes itself to two of the most exciting areas of visual creation: the engineering of the moving images moving our emotions and eyes, and the formulation of designs of sustained appeal and value.
The head of the observer is where images come into being. This act, in turn, is the product of a dialogue between the observer and the outside world, in which the latter uses colors, configurations, images and fonts to reach and affect the former. Case-in-point: ads, whose visuals often start influencing us even before we have had an opportunity to  read their texts. The rise of digital media has made the work of talented, creative designers ever more important. Our Media Faculty will teach you how to become one of these successful designers.

Should your way of creating visuals not be comprised of individual images but, rather, of entire stories, then you should pursue a career in the area of film and TV. We will teach you how to write successful screenplays, how state-of-art technologies and techniques are to be deployed to produce the perfect look and sound, and how the changes revolutionizing the media are to be efficaciously exploited. This entails telling stories in a way transcending media and platforms, operating interactively with users, and making full use of cross-medial configuration and exploitation modes.

The Creative Arts Faculty at Macromedia offers majors in design and in film and television. Each is comprised of six semesters on your campus, plus one in another country. Both lead to internationally-recognized bachelor's degrees. Both provide you with the knowledge and practical skills required to create and relate (digital) designs and stories in and for a variety of media.

Media and Communication Design
Graduates of the media and communication design degree program are qualified to work in the extremely exciting, challenging and multifaceted world of digital design. These responsibilities are both complex and fascinating. This duality stems from the multiplicity of media and information prevailing in this world. This profusion requires you, as a shaper of communication, to come up with a never-ending stream of ideas and of clearly-articulated concepts, and to work in a process-driven way. The design program at Macromedia University will teach you how to employ cross-media channels to disseminate visuals and formats conveying messages to users in a high-impact, easy-to-understand way.

Film and Television
Each kind of moving pictures – movies, documentaries, spots, videos and music clips – tells stories engendering emotions and activating imaginations. All have the potential to change the viewer and thus the world. Graduates of the film and television degree program are provided with access to the high-performance occupations – including screenplay authors, camera operators and cutters - offered by the world of film and TV. This program teaches you the methods employed in the telling of the gripping stories found in classic movies, and in the relating of the facts and findings revealed in documentaries. The program also acquaints you with innovative forms and formats.  

Semester Abroad
Each degree program features a semester abroad. This is designed to provide you with an international perspective on world media. The semester's contents and thrusts form an integral part of your studies. This semester is at one of the universities comprised in our 5CU network, which spans the entire world.

Creative Arts Faculty

  • Academic Degree

    Bachelor of Arts

  • Duration of Study

    7 Semester, 1 Semester Abroad

  • Starting

    Summer and Winter Term

  • Location

    Munich, Stuttgart, Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin, Freiburg

  • Application process

    Recognized school leaving certificate, personal interview, submission of complete application documents with work samples where applicable.

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