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Bachelor's Degree with specialisation in Media and Communication Management

"Media management combines analytical and creative thinking. You always need that special idea, but you also need a clear idea of the initial situation and the goals. This isn't for lone wolves. Media managers must lead multi-faceted, often international teams towards innovative solutions. Obviously, your own overseas experience is just as important here as good English skills." Prof. Dr. Dr. Castulus Kolo, Director of Media and Communication Management

Film, TV, Web and even the whole print and advertising market is a global business. Ideas are sold internationally as well as complete film products or brand campaigns. Furthermore major corporations and organisations act and communicate globally. More than ever before the media and communication market needs managers who are familiar with international aspects of media business, media rights and cultural differences.

The Bachelor specialisation in Media and Communication Management will give you the theoretical insights and practical skills you need to be successful in an international media context. Foundation courses in media, communication, and management will provide you with a basic knowledge of four major career-oriented fields: 

- Brand Management and Advertising

- Corporate Communications and PR

- Internet Management

- TV Management and Broadcasting
The knowledge you acquire will allow you to work flexibly and efficiently within a changing media landscape and the new digital economy. This B.A. degree programme concentrates on developing creativity and management capabilities. Students especially benefit from interaction with other Macromedia courses in creative areas: film and television, media and communication design, and journalism. Upon graduation, you can embark directly on your chosen career or enroll in a Master’s degree programme.

Your competencies after the Bachelor in Media and Communication Management

The Media and Communication Management course is a multi-faceted programme that provides you with theoretical and practical competencies to successfully operate as an all-rounder in the international context. To this end, you acquire basic knowledge in the areas of media, communication and management. You will intensively engage with communication topics such as brand management, advertising, corporate communications, public relations and event management with a particular focus on online and moving image communication.

Besides learning to apply scientific methods in your work, you will also develop strong social skills such as interdisciplinary cooperation and communication to be a successful team player and a manager. You will acquire specialist competencies through specific modules which are the following:

  • Understanding Media & Communication
  • Startegic Corporate Communication
  • Campaigning and Crossmedia
  • Advertising Psychology
  • In-House Communication and Corporate Media 
  • Special Topics in Media and Communication Management

Career Prospects

Due to the growing significance of media and communication for all types of organisations, there is an increased demand for professional media and communication managers who have interdisciplinary training and digital competence. 
As a graduate of the Media and Communication Management degree at Macromedia University, you have the opportunity to choose from diverse career paths in different types of organisations.  
The employment rate of the Macromedia graduates in the area of communication management is already very high right after the Bachelor. Examples of future roles for you are the following:
  • Marketing and communication manager
  • Strategy consultant
  • Project manager for online media
  • Press reviewer for a global media company
  • Startup founder
  • Strategic planner
Learn about the exciting career stories of our alumni and find out what possibilities exist for you. 

Strong focus on practice 

Throughout the course, you will carry out practical projects where the theoretical knowledge will be applied to real life scenarios, usually in co-operation with external businesses and partner companies. While working on the study projects, you will gain tangible practical skills that are crucial to becoming a successful manager in the Industry 4.0 that is constantly evolving. In addition to honing your professional skills, you will polish your personal skills, such as teamwork, leadership and communication, thus growing into a well-rounded professional.

Fully accredited semester abroad

At the Macromedia University, we empower you to widen your international perspectives. You will spend a semester at one of our renowned international partner institutions and earn fully accredited 30 ECTS points towards your degree. During this semester, you will make valuable contacts, gain experience of living abroad and perhaps make friends for life. The semester abroad is often the highlight for our students as it is an adventurous time when they can grow personally and learn about new cultures and mentalities.  
What’s it like during the semester abroad? Find out on our student blog from abroad.  

Direct path from Bachelor to Master

After your Bachelor studies, you have the chance to continue directly into a related Macromedia Master programme if you have earned 210 ECTS with the 7 semester Bachelor’s degree. The following Master specialisations are the perfect choices for your graduate studies:

If you complete your studies with only 180 ECTS, you can complete the Pre-Semester to obtain the required extra 30 ECTS for admission to our Master programmes. The transition is seamless.

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The latest equipment in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Drones and 360 degrees cameras are available for practice at Macromedia.

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What’s it like to study media and communication in Berlin - an international hub for media and creativity? Get to know it from the Macromedia community in Berlin. (1:47 min)

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Your benefits at Macromedia University

  • Top position in CHE Ranking 2014/15*
  • Small classes with intensive, individual supervision
  • Globally recognised, state-approved degrees, accredited by FIBAA
  • Campuses in popular German cities that are also major commercial hubs
  • Authentic, practice-oriented projects
  • Highly qualified professors and industry insiders as lecturers
  • International students
  • Career perspective in Germany
  • Buddy network for international students
  • Programmes entirely in English
  • Campus locations situated in Germany’s industrial centres
  • International network of Partner Universities

*Centre for Higher Education,

Study Programme Media Management B.A.

Media and Communication Management SPECIALISATION

  • Academic Degree

    Bachelor of Arts
    Optional: Additional Degree B.A. (hons)

  • Duration of Study

    7 Semesters ( including 1 Semester Abroad)

  • ECTS


  • Starting

    Winter Term

  • Location

    Munich, Cologne, Berlin

  • Tuition fee

    e.g. 5,250 € per semester
    plus 500 € registration fee
    (for students from EU countries).
    More information here.

  • Language


  • Student Advisory Service

    Do you have questions regarding the admission requirements, the course details and other matters? Simply, contact our Student Advisory Service and get study advice tailored to your need.  

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Christin Bachofer

Account Manager, Microsoft Deutschland GmbH

Ferdinand Delius

Trainee Sales, Dr. Oetker

Nikolas Rupp

Marketing at Ratiopharm Ulm / BEKO Basketball National league

Anna Kugler

Communications Specialist, Unilever Deutschland GmbH


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