Ten Years of Macromedia University

2006 – 2016: #youchange

On October 1 2006, the first year of Bachelor’s degree students started their academic career at Macromedia University, which was then called MFM - Macromedia Fachhochschule für Medien. Now, in 2016, we celebrate our 10th anniversary - after educating 3,157 students and conducting more than 400 practical projects. With over 2,000 students and 80 professors, Macromedia University is now one of Germany's leading private universities for market-oriented study programmes in the context of management, media, film and design. Campus of Macromedia University are located in Munich, Stuttgart, Cologne, Hamburg and Berlin.

The study portfolio of Macromedia University comprises more than 30 German and English specialisation possibilities for Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. All courses are officially recognised by the state and accredited by the science council and FIBAA. The curricula combine scientific methodology with management skills, creativity and practical experience. As a University for digital transformation, Macromedia University prepares its students for a variety of activities in times of industry 4.0. Bachelor’s programmes worth 210 ECTS include a six-month internship semester as well as semester abroad, which is completely accredited. Macromedia University is a member university of Galileo Global Education, the largest network of international private universities in Europe.

Interview with University President Prof. Dr. Jürgen Faust, Ph. D.

Together with Macromedia University’s President Prof. Dr. Faust we talk about the first decade of private higher education provided by Macromedia GmbH. Jürgen Faust is one of the most senior members of the Macromedia Faculty. In 2007 he was appointed as a specialist for design and the new, process-oriented design theories in order to establish the English Master’s programme "Media and Design". From 2008 to 2013 he was the Dean of the faculty, from 2010 to 2013 he served as Vice President of research and teaching simultaneously. In 2013 Prof. Dr. Faust followed Herbert Schmidt-Eickhoff, founder of Macromedia GmbH, as Second President of Macromedia University.

10 years of Macromedia University. What does that mean to you?
Prof. Dr. Faust: It means: The wonderful feeling of having done 10 years of very relevant work. It means: 20 semesters of passionate teaching and learning - the small groups at Macromedia University allow an intense and personal teaching, which is equally demanding as inspirational for students and lecturers. And 10 years also mean a continuous, dynamic change.

What do you mean by continuous change?
Prof. Dr. Faust: Let me describe it that way: In 2006, when Macromedia University was founded, Facebook was only two years old. The Apple i-phone, the mother of all smartphones, was launched a year later. Today, 10 years later, Facebook records a worldwide number of 1.65 billion active users per month (as of April 2016), of which 1.51 billion use the social network via their smartphones. These two facts highlight a decade of massive, disruptive changes particularly affecting the media, communications and design sector - exactly these sectors, for which we prepare our students.

What does that mean for the development of Macromedia University?
Prof. Dr. Faust: Since the foundation of the university changes are constitutive of our teaching. Each semester we adjust parts of our study modules in order to reflect technological innovations and to address their user-specific as well as economic implications. Originally we were educational experts for media products and offerings, but today we teach media as a key competence for a variety of sector-independent digital and mobile services. One can say that we have become experts for changes, going far beyond the previous boundaries of the media, communications and design sector. So today we see ourselves as a University for Digital Transformation.
Mr. Faust, when you think back: What was your best experience at Macromedia University?
Prof. Dr. Faust: That is a difficult question. The focus of our activities is the promotion and support of young people. Therefore, each semester has its very own success and development stories that fill me with pride. Another very satisfying moment was definitely the moment when I finalised the cooperation agreement with our first partner university. That was in 2010. At that time I was very involved in building up our international network of partner universities. With the Mexican Monterrey Tec, which today is the seventh-best business school in the world, the first cooperation agreement was ready to be signed. Today the so-called 5CU Consortium ("Five-continents university network") of Macromedia University includes 24 member universities on all five continents.
What is special about the international university network of Macromedia University?
Prof. Dr. Faust: Our cooperation agreements are very precise and go far beyond other university partnerships. If our Bachelor’s students study at a foreign university in Dublin or Madrid, Sydney or San Diego, Bangkok or Seoul during their third semester, they complete a normal semester and collect all relevant ECTS points. This is possible because our examination office closely examines and evaluates foreign curricula and only approves of a cooperation if the foreign universities offer meaningful equivalents for the required courses at Macromedia.
Where do you see Macromedia University in 10 years?
Prof. Dr. Faust: The digital transformation will continuously change the way we live, communicate and do business. Internet of Things, Sharing Economy, and Mass Customisation - many business models of the digital economy develop between the poles of automation, participation and human-centred services. These changes are the focus of teaching at Macromedia University. In the future, we want to teach cross-media and communications expertise even more consistently with entrepreneurial demands. The Macromedia Business School, where we offer the Bachelor’s programme Management since 2014, already takes these aspects into account. Another goal is to continuously increase our internationality at every level – regarding our staff, programme content and as part of the Galileo Global Education Group. In addition, we will significantly increase the number of students in our Master’s and Executive programmes during the next 10 years. Digital transformation means lifelong learning – executives and decision makers should be aware of our ambitions Germany-wide.

Thank you for the interview.

Translation: Theresa Mühlthaler

Prof. Dr. Faust, President Macromedia University
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Every Bachelor- and Master program ends with a Graduation Ceremony.
 - 2
Small study groups and a personal contact to the professors are typical for the private university.
 - 3
In the project groups students of different study programs often work together. This is typical for Macromedia University and prepares for real project work in companies and agencies.
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There are many students projects for industry and medium enterprises. Here a project for BMW.
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Oct 2nd 2015: Prof Helmstaedter welcomes the first semesters students at the Macromedia University Campus in Berlin


200622 Professors
300 Students
4 Locations
0 International Partner Universities
201169 Professors
2.000 Students
5 Locations
5 International Partner Universities
201684 Professors
2.300 Students
5 Locations
20 International Partner Universities


2006State recognition of the MFM, Macromedia Fachhochschule der Medien by the Bavarian Ministry of Education and Culture
2006Start of teaching activities of the programmes Media Management, Digital Media Production and Film and Television at campus in Munich, Stuttgart, Cologne and Hamburg
2007Accreditation of the degree programme Journalism and start of teaching activities
2008Renaming into MHMK, Macromedia University of Applied Sciences for Media and Communication
2009Opening of the Berlin campus
2009Accreditation of the English Master’s programmes 'Media and Communication Management, M.A.' and 'Media and Design, M.A.' and start of teaching activities in Munich
2009Foundation of the 5CU network of international partner universities and evaluation of foreign curricula
2011Conversion to Bachelor’s programmes with seven semesters which include a semester abroad
2011Start of teaching activities of the first English Bachelor’s programme 'Media and Communication Management (B.A.)' in Munich and Hamburg
2012Recognition as an international film school by the association CILECT
2012First realisation of the semester abroad
2013Integration into the educational group Galileo Global Education
2014Renaming into Macromedia University, University of Applied Sciences
2014Reorganisation of study programmes into Media School, School of Creative Arts and the newly founded Macromedia Business School
2014Start of teaching activities of the programme 'Management, B.A.' in the context of Macromedia Business School
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