Why study at Macromedia University?

Reasons to study at Macromedia University

Are you an international student aspiring to study media, communication, design or management in Germany? Are you looking for a truly international study programme that integrates practical elements and international experiences?  

At Macromedia University, we prepare students for the changing work environment of the so called industry 4.0 that is characterised by internationalisation, new digital technologies, automation, big data and human-centred design and innovation.

About 100 professors and 3,500 students make Macromedia University a leading German university for study programmes in business management, media management, communication design, design management and brand management. Our special focus on practice and real business projects helps you gain hands-on experience even before you enter the job market.

Here is an overview of the benefits of studying the English-taught international programmes at Macromedia University:

Macromedia University scores top of class in the current ranking of CHE Centre for Higher Education (2014/15). It is a leading private university in the field of media and communication sciences and journalism. And even within the overall ranking of public and privates colleges in Germany, Macromedia University belongs to the very top group in terms of international orientation and practical relevance of teaching and learning. As well above average CHE also evaluates the high proportion of students who complete their studies within the standard period of study, as well as the technical equipment of lecture halls and seminar rooms.

*Centre for Higher Education, www.che.de
At Macromedia University, all courses of study are tested and certified by the accreditation agency FIBAA. Based on that, Macromedia University gained state accreditation from the “Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Bildung und Kultus, Wissenschaft und Kunst” (Bavarian State Ministry of Education, Culture, Sciences and Arts). Graduates of Macromedia University receive a Bavarian university degree which is highly recognized in Germany and all over Europe.
Top position for Munich in Mercer's 2017 Quality of Living Ranking 
In the recent Quality of Living Ranking published by Mercer, one of the world’s largest HR consultancy firms, Munich is in the fourth position beating cities like Geneva and Copenhagen. Mercer takes into account a wide range of metrics including political, social and economic environment, standards of education, public services, transportation, health considerations, and natural environment among others. 

Berlin and Munich among the top 10 in the QS Best Student Cities Ranking
On a yearly basis, QS World University Rankings® publishes the QS Best Student Cities. According to the recently announced 2018 rankings, Berlin and Munich, two locations of Macromedia University, are in the top 10: Munich is at the sixth position and Berlin at the seventh position. One of the indicators to determine the rankings is the affordability of the cities. For world’s top 50 cities, they determine affordability based on the combined costs of tuition fees and general living expenses. According to the 2015 rankings, both Munich and Berlin belong to the Top 5 most affordable cities for students worldwide. Berlin is ranked third. Yet German cities are not only affordable and student-friendly – they are also some of the safest places to live. Germany offers a democratic, tolerant and safe environment with a good quality of life. Whether you live in a big city or in the country, you can move freely day or night without having to take any special precautions.  
What makes studying in Germany particularly attractive for international students, is the welcoming attitude the German government has towards international students. After graduation, you may obtain the 18-months job search residence permit (visa) allowing you take up any employment to support yourself and to look for a job that corresponds to your qualifications in the meantime. Therefore, you get the chance to start your career in one of the world’s major economic powerhouses.  Your specialist education opens up opportunities for you to work in global corporations, start-ups, non-profits, media houses and other organizations. There is an increasing demand of T-shaped qualifications in Germany and rest of the Europe which means you benefit from a competitive edge in the job market after graduation. Our Career Service team is always there to guide you through your job search, applications and career planning.  
Macromedia University enjoys successful partnerships with a network of renowned enterprises – global players as well as hidden champions. These provide various forms of collaborative input – from directing vocational seminars and workshops to offering internships, work placements for students and presenting guest lectures. From the first semester on, you will be working in practice oriented projects - in some cases your project work will even be a real-life business task within this cooperation network.
Academic education at Macromedia centres around the idea of training students at the highest professional level while giving them individual support in their personal development. With a high level of personal commitment and an excellent staff-to-student ratio, we support our students throughout their studies, from the first contact with the Student Advisory Service through their entire study programme, to the beginning of their career – and even beyond that, by way of the Alumni Network. Our professors operate as coaches to students and encourage their strengths individually in small study and project groups.
In order to offer students a close interlinking of theory and practice, the university has appointed scholars and experts from media businesses, universities and communications agencies to fill its professorships (which number about 80). In the same manner, the network of non-professorial academic staff is constantly being expanded, accepting only lecturers who have relevant and profound experience from the branches, representing today’s media business and today’s business management approaches. In the various courses of studies, students receive highly individualized support as they acquire theoretical subject knowledge and develop their social and creative personalities.
The students in the English programmes of Macromedia University come from all over the world - the best conditions when it comes to preparing for an international career. Particularly in the Graduate School, currently more than 70 percent of the students have an international background. We cultivate a very diverse student body with students joining from all continents. Thereby, students will not only profit from different perspectives and approaches but also get to know fellow students from all walks of life.
Macromedia University has a Buddy-network which connects international students to domestic students. The International Office supports the incoming student by organizing a Buddy if desired. The international students will then be contacted by their buddy upon arrival in Germany. The buddy will assist with questions and answers regarding the time studying abroad and helping the international student during the beginning of his or her stay at Macromedia University.
Communication in most media jobs is predominantly in English. This applies especially to both Anglo-American shaped segments such as TV, Music or Mobile and to international Marketing and PR activities of most German companies. English study programmes prepare students adequately for positions within an international environment while they impart concrete fields of application next to universal management skills. 80 % of all lectures are taught by native speakers with experiences within the international media industry.
With its six campus locations, Macromedia University is represented in the major media centres in Germany. As a private university of applied sciences, we maintain close contacts with the media industry in each location, creating recurring possibilities for our students to substantially connect with project leaders, managers and HR-staff of successful German enterprises. Our teaching is standardized in all our locations. So if you want to spend a semester or do an internship in another media city, Macromedia’s Germany-wide network is happy to offer you transfers of various kinds.
The integrated semester abroad is one of the specialties the undergraduate programme has to offer. Students will join one of our 18 foreign partner universities of the 5CU (5-Continental-University) consortium with which Macromedia has worked out detailed cooperation parameters. Renowned institutes like Tecnológico de Monterrey, Chulalongkorn University or University of Westminster belong to the 5CU consortium. Regardless of whether students study next to the beaches of Sydney or San Diego, the vineyards of Stellenbosch (South Africa) or the urbanity of Bangkok - based on the already taken academic exams Macromedia is able to fully grant foreign course credits.

*Centre for Higher Education, www.che.de 

**QS Best Student Cities index, www.topuniversities.com

***Mercer's Quality of Living Ranking: www.mercer.com 

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