What students say about us

Abhiti  Anand
Abhiti Anand

Media and Communication Design (BA Hons)

"I decided to come to Macromedia University by choosing it over many world renowned universities, and it has been one of the best decisions I've taken in my life. ..." >
Jana Levi  Arcega
Jana Levi Arcega

Pre-Semester Media and Communication Management (M.A.)

"I was looking for a program that would let me built upon my experience, through an outstanding program and also in an environment..." >
Ivyanno Canny
Ivyanno Canny

Media and Communication Management (M.A.)

"Berlin is one of the strongest media development locations in Europe, and to be able to study at Macromedia University campus Berlin...." >
Philippe Grillot
Philippe Grillot

Sport und Eventmanagement (B.A.), Media and Communication Management (M.A.)

"After studying at a state university, I learned about myself that I wanted to have more structure, more focus on current topics and a deeper connection..." >
Laura Li Jin Ng
Laura Li Jin Ng

Pre-Semester & Media and Communication Management (M.A.)

"The well-planned and concise curriculum convinced me to apply for pre-semester and masters in media and communication management. ..." >
Rajji  Kaur
Rajji Kaur

Design Management (M.A.)

"I earned my Bachelor’s degree from Apeejay Institute of Design, Delhi, India and was previously working for Ernst & Young India. I always wanted to move to Europe for further studies but actually ..." >
Prerna Lahiri
Prerna Lahiri

Media and Communication Management (B.A.)

"I moved to Germany from Kolkata, India when I was only 17 years old. So the decision to move halfway across the world to a country where I didn't speak the language was ..." >
Karan Mewada
Karan Mewada

Design Management (M.A.)

"The decision to move to Germany was a difficult one for me. But I am glad I did it because I am having the best time of my life studying at Macromedia. Design Management is a very interesting and..." >
Ulrika  Rosén
Ulrika Rosén

Media and Communication Management (B.A.)

"Never in my life had I imagined that I would end up doing my studies in Germany. I have never even had the thought to travel to Germany. Out of a coincidence,..." >
Alen  Tabaković
Alen Tabaković

International Journalism (M.A.)

"Studying at Macromedia University is more than just learning new things. As an International Journalism Master student..." >
Tobias A.

Media Management / Brand Communication and Advertising

"To start off with, the tasks in the project for the Global Citizen Foundation seemed almost ..." >
Benno D.

Media and Communication Design / Computer Animation

"I’d like to be part of the Pixar family and make animated films. Here I’m given the tools I ..." >
Nina E.

Media and Communication Management B.A.

"From the many guest lecturers directly from the industry, you get a great insight into real world ..." >
Malina E. K.

Media and Communication Management B.A.

"What struck me about the English programme 'Media and Communication Management' is not only that it ..." >
Tim H.

Media and Communication Management M.A.

"What I really like about the Macromedia University is the interactive and creative part of the ..." >
Sandra J.

Media and Communication Design / Media Design

"Heading towards media was definitely the right thing for me. I like drawing, but as a freelance ..." >
Carolin K. H.

Media and Communication Management B.A.

"What I like about the Macromedia University is that this university has, unlike many others, small ..." >
Kristina M.

Journalism / Cultural Journalism

"I want educational content which is practice-oriented and usable. And I don’t want to be one of ..." >
Tobias N. R.

Media and Communication Management B.A.

"The Macromedia University's well-planned concept of learning gave me a greater advantage over other ..." >
Lisa O.

Media Management / PR and Communication Management

"I study at Macromedia University because of the small study groups. You know almost everyone. And ..." >
Yoon-Jin P.

Media and Communication Management M.A.

"I was really eager to learn more about the strategy and plans behind working on projects and not ..." >
Kyrill R.

Journalism / Sports Journalism

"Live Reporting”–a very exciting course. The highlight was a visit to a national league football ..." >
Ummehani S.

Media and Communication Management M.A.

"I really like it at Macromedia University because it's a lot of exposure and a really professional ..." >
Daria S.

Media and Design M.A.

"I was searching for English programmes in different countries and cities. I like at MHMK Master ..." >
Bret S.

Media and Design M.A.

"The Macromedia University gave me that opportunity to study and further my career along. Going from ..." >
Monika S.

Film and Television / Directing

"At Macromedia University we’re always well supported by the technology and the line producer. But ..." >
Sina S.

Media and Communication Design / Media Design

"The projects are challenging and really extend you. One thing I especially find is that the ..." >
Daniel S.

graduate in Media Management / PR and Communication Management

"Macromedia University, combined with high-quality internships, was exactly the right choice. In the ..." >
Veronika S.

Media Management / Sports and Event Management

"I like being a student at Macromedia University We’re always being encouraged to get involved, ..." >
Nelson V.

Film and Television / Production

"I liked the Macromedia course straight away. We make real films and gain direct experience. Theory ..." >
Christian W.

Journalism / Cultural Journalism

"We do practice-oriented projects and get to know lecturers from the media industry. That’s the ..." >
Jennifer W.

Media management / Music Management

"We’re all passionate about music. Music making isn’t the main focus of the courses, but music ..." >
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