Red Bull: Study on brand image

  • Semester

    2. Semester

  • Supervisor

    Prof. Dr. Guido Ellert

  • Partner

    Red Bull GmbH

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    Media and Communication Management

Red Bull: Study on brand image
Red Bull is many things: a manufacturer of an energy drink by the same name, a sponsor of world leading athletes and sports teams, a host and organizer of giant sports events, a media enterprise and production company. Still, first and foremost Red Bull is an extremely successful and valuable brand.

That’s why it is crucial for the Red Bull brand strategists to be aware of the different ways in which the brand claim is being experienced and associated depending on the context and how the reception of that claim is changing in relation to the different platforms. With the aim of gaining new scientifically substantiated insights, Red Bull decided to implement a research project with the students of the Macromedia University.

Supervised and supported by Prof. Dr. Ellert the students created a multi-staged study design within the timeframe of one semester. Based on relevant research literature and expert interviews the students phrased revisable assumptions and tested those with the help of spectator surveys during the Red Bull “Crushed Ice” events at the Olympiapark in Munich, as well as several association tests.

After completion of the project the students documented their new findings and their methodical approach in a scientific paper.  Furthermore the students phrased several recommendations for action for the concrete optimization of the brand management. The project partner was more than happy about the results.  

1. Crushed Ice Series in Munich, Source: Red Bull GmbH / Sebastian Marko
2. Visual of EHC Red Bull München, Source: EHC Red Bull Munich



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Red Bull: Study on brand image

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