Movetastic: A Virtual Gym Start-up

Movetastic: A Virtual Gym Start-up

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    Prof. Dr. Alyosh Agarwal, Prof. Phillip Madanire

Movetastic: A Virtual Gym Start-up
Movetastic is an online fitness platform that provides its services over
a website and an application, which will be accessible with every major
operating system. Movetastic’s app is a freemium based subscription
model. In comparison to already existing online fitness gyms, Movetastic
will focus on the usability of the app and its social component.

makes it possible for consumers to exercise wherever and whenever they
want. None of the fitness classes require any additional material. The
variety of classes provided range from Kickboxing, Zumba, Yoga to
Pilates. Users will be able to use the app as an addition to their
already existing social network accounts or as a new way to connect to
people. The features of the app, such as the rewarding system, the
rating system, the challenges and the offered live events, are
Movetastic’s way of bringing its users together. All of these features
are under the category “my move”, which shows every user his personal

Movetastic is designed to make people realize that
they do not need expensive gyms to exercise whenever and wherever they
are. Whether you want to loose weight, do your favorite yoga class or
just be active. Movetastic makes it possible that you reach your goal in
the most flexible way possible and all your friends can see and help
you reaching your goal by supporting or challenging you.

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Movetastic: A Virtual Gym Start-up
Movetastic: A Virtual Gym Start-up
Movetastic: A Virtual Gym Start-up
Movetastic: A Virtual Gym Start-up
Movetastic: A Virtual Gym Start-up

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