SAP: The integration of Artificial Intelligence into a business-software

SAP: The integration of Artificial Intelligence into a business-software

Learn from the best: Macromedia Master students enjoyed the great opportunity to carry out a research project with the European software giant SAP. Main focus and topic of the project: Artificial Intelligence (AI). Supervising professor and scientific head: Prof. Oliver Szasz.

  • How can we improve the knowledge management of companies with the help of adaptable systems?
  • Which Smart Tools are most likely to assist teams in an intelligent manner?
  • How can we make use of AI-Systems and consequently enhance the management processes in marketing, sales and customer services through efficiency and flexibility?
  • In which way should the business software FIORI be extended by KI-Systems, in order to be useful in an associative way? So that the software begins to understand individual communication manners as well as the team’s behaviour in order to assist individual team members?

These were the main questions that led the university cooperation between Macromedia and the department for user experience of SAP.

The working process of the cooperation had a duration of one semester and was defined by the following phases: the elaboration of study propositions supported by literature, the implementation of extensive user-tests, the subsequent deduction of important learnings and afterwards the realisation of concrete product and service features.

The responsible project manager from SAP was very impressed by the student’s performance:

Statement of the industry partner

“I was amazed by the brilliance of the students. The way how they approached the topic and shaped their concept in a short period of time was pretty impressive and very refreshing. Many remarkable ideas were presented at the end of the project in a very professional manner, which was both inspiring and insightful for us.”

Jeong-sook Lee
Head of Global Design Direction, FIORI Visual Design Lead



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SAP: The integration of Artificial Intelligence into a business-software
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