People's Car: Award winning spec-spot for VW

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    4. Semester

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    Prof. Mathias Allary, Prof. Michael Leuthner, Doris Wedemeier

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Honoring the high-tech-experts behind our modern cars: That is the core idea of the spec-spot “People’s Car”. Realized by film and television students of Macromedia University, the spot mainly revolved around the fictional claim "Designed by People, driven by Technology".

An intelligent idea, a fantastic production- and post-production-team are the qualities, which make the film stand out - the making-of perfectly depicting the the creative journey of the project. The responsible managers from Volkswagen were impressed by the professionalism of student production as well and released the spot for publication.

Despite the small budget of only 280 Euro Macromedia-Graduate David Feuerstein (Film Directing, B.A.) succeeded in creating an advertising spot of special value. His effort was rewarded with the third place at the Porsche International Student Advertising Award, one the most important awards for young commercial producers. Congratulations!

Title: People's Car (2015)
Length: 30 Seconds

Director: David Feuerstein
Screenplay: David Feuerstein
Editing: Christina Kammermeier
Camera: Axel Frey
Production: Andrea Schmitt
Music: Sebastian Mayr

Sebastian Wachter
Laura Preiss
Martin Schülke
Helmut Payer
Richard Wolf
Jasper Wendelstein
Julian Nitsche
Jeanette Bolmer
Norbert Bolmer

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