Münchener Kammerorchester: Augmented-Reality-App

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    4. Semester

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    Prof. Jörg Liebold

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    Münchener Kammerorchester e.V.

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    Media and Communication Design

Münchener Kammerorchester:  Augmented-Reality-App
Since its founding in 1950, the Münchener Kammerorchester, or MKO for short, has been a long-standing cultural icon in Munich. The MKO is known for its sophisticated programs and internationally acclaimed repertoire of music. The orchestra prides itself on homogeneity of timbre from decades of practice together as well as presenting daring programs that combine works from the past and the present.  

Mobile, App & Program: AR Experiences to Composers and Orchestra

‘Keeping in time’ with the goal of creative and dynamic programs, the MKO partnered with Macromedia University for a semester-long practice project. Under the supervision of Prof. Jörg Liebold, Macromedia’s Visual Effects and Animation (BA) students from our Munich Campus developed an augmented reality app- MKOzoom.

The new app, which debuted on June 27th, 2019, propels MKO concert attendees into a 3D world right at their very fingertips. A printed program serves as the backdrop for the 3D imagery. Users simply scan a photo of a composer or conductor using their phone’s camera and watch the image come to life using augmented reality effects developed by Macromedia students. MKOzoom can be downloaded for free in the App Store or Google Play Store.

Setting the Scene: Programming with AR

Throughout the course of the semester, students researched and designed four components to be included in the printed program.

This component takes its name from renown American music theorist, and debatably one of most influential composers of the 20th century, John ‘Cage’. His avant-garde style and pioneering ways were taken into consideration and used to set the tone.

This animation is dedicated to the composer Tristan Murail, co-founder of French spectralism. The AR-experience ventured to visually approach the complexity of composing pieces in this style.

How do orchestral musicians perceive the directions giving by the conductor? The third animation aimed to give attendees a first-hand look. The images came to life to showcase what Conductor Clemens Schuldt looks like from the musicians’ perspectives while performing.

With this contribution, the students wanted to convey an impression of the artistic and emotional creative process of an unusually cheerful Schumann composition.

Münchener Kammerorchester:  Augmented-Reality-App
Münchener Kammerorchester:  Augmented-Reality-App
Münchener Kammerorchester:  Augmented-Reality-App
Münchener Kammerorchester:  Augmented-Reality-App
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