LKV Bayern e.V.: Award winning webdesign concept

  • Semester

    4. Semester

  • Supervisor

    Anke Johannssen, Prof. Hansjörg Zimmermann

  • Partner

    Landeskuratorium der Erzeugerringe für tierische Veredelung in Bayern e.V. (LKV)

  • Website

  • Course

    Media and Communication Design

LKV Bayern e.V.: Award winning webdesign concept

  • Improve and optimize user experience of website
  • Increase usability
  • Simplify information architecture
  • Optimize information desig

These were the goals set forth by LKV Bayern e.V., an animal product regulation center in Bavaria, Germany, to the both Design Management and Media Management students of Macromedia University.   

During a semester-long project, Macromedia students from our Munich Campus set out to critically examine the umbrella organization’s website and develop recommendations to transform it into a modernized channel, up-to-date with today’s demanding media marketing. 

Website optimization: high complexity in user needs and content

From dairy farmers to fish and pig breeders, LKV Bayern is an important source of information regarding regulations, legislature, technical standards, measurement methods and the like. With such a vast amount of information to present, our Munich students had a mammoth task ahead of them. How do you create a user-friendly interface when the content is more than just a few basic headline tabs? The new website design had to be easily navigable and meet the needs of the target audience. Too many subsection tabs and the user will get lost, too few and the information will get lost- a dilemma in deed, especially when the subject matter relates to government food regulations. 

Radical simplification and purification of structure and content

The first phase of the project was to find a way to sort through the content without discarding important information. The tedious task was overseen by lecturer Anke Johannssen and Prof. Hansjörg Zimmermann. Both used their professional experience to aid the students in the understanding of multi-fold tasks and exploring themes of implementing user interests into website design. The students analyzed performance data from the LKV website, mapped out the customer journey, and interviewed selected farmers about what services were relevant for them. Based on these findings, the students prioritized and purified the website content and developed a new information architecture that was completely tailored to the needs of users.

Award winning web design: ADC Junior Competition

The radical streamlining of the website was the central benefit for the users, but for Macromedia students, they felt as if their work was not done. They not only wanted to simplify the information on website, but also add a design element. Creativity and visual appearance was for them still a huge a part of the process. Some students’ efforts brought them recognition at the ADC Junior Competition 2019, one of the most well-known competitions for young advertisers in Germany. Macromedia students Stephanie Lauer, Joshua Wilking, and Loris Kirchgeßner were among the winners of ADC Junior Competeition’s Websites/Digital category.

Congratulations to the students who won awards, and a job well done to all who worked on the project throughout the semester! 

LKV Bayern e.V.: Award winning webdesign concept
LKV Bayern e.V.: Award winning webdesign concept
LKV Bayern e.V.: Award winning webdesign concept
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