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    Prof. Nikolai Behr, Prof. Jürgen Faust

Live Natural
Live Natural proposes the opportunity to the users to find eco-friendly shops for their needs and desires. Therefore, we will offer a website with an easy search system which provides a high usability. The search will be our core service but there will be other services, for instance the individual profile creation. We will also provide other information services like special offers and newsletters. In addition we have to work with other companies to assure our business idea. Therefore we will use b2b communication diversely.

It is getting more important to live a healthy and eco-friendly life but the current market situation does not correspond to the demand of the consumers. The main target group that are young women or housewives who are interested in healthier living and who use internet frequently, should find what they are searching for with live natural.

For further research we organized an online survey where over 100 people participated. From the survey we worked out the following results. We discovered that there is a general interest in eco-friendly products. The survey participants also experienced that they could not find the appropriate shops in their nearby location. The competitors are not successful with solving this problem and do not provide enough services and information for the users’ needs.

To motivate and lead the consumers to live natural we will use several marketing and PR means. We will mostly rely on digital marketing than on the offline marketing and use the budgets with care. In PR matters we will contact local magazines and newspapers as well as freelancers to receive a higher presence.

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Live Natural
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