Klubhaus St. Pauli: Digital facade animation

  • Semester

    3. Semester

  • Supervisor

    Prof. Silvio Barta, Prof. Uwe Stoklossa, Linus Brandes

  • Partner

    Klubhaus St. Pauli GmbH & Co. KG

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  • Course

    Media and Communication Design

Innovative, aesthetic, award-winning: the Klubhaus St. Pauli, belongs to the most spectacular “mediatectures” in Europe and has been awarded with the German light-design award in the category “Staging”. Macromedia University has been cooperating with the Klubhaus operator, since 2015, when the 5000 square meters location was opened to live music, entertainment and as dance floor.

Design students created frequently animated designs for the digital media facade of the building under the guidance of Prof. Silvio Barta, Prof. Uwe Stoklossa and Linus Brandes.

“It’s extremely interesting for designers to deal with house facades. That is because the constructed environment isn’t only creating space for encounters and communication, but also is part of it itself. In the best case, good architecture transports varied local, social, cultural and historical references to the surrounding urban area. We are expecting our students to also implement this dimension of meaning in the facade animation.“ Silvio Barta explains to make clear the conceptual claim of the project.

Beyond the claim of high conceptual and artistic quality the project implies substantial technical challenges for the students: the handling of very complex and big volumes of data, special screen formats in an overall size of 700 square meters and a special colour coding.

Meanwhile very different student animations with a length of 40 seconds have been created by the students in the course of three cooperations. These are presented on the facade of Klubhaus St. Pauli in different repetition cycles.

Klubhaus St. Pauli: Digital facade animation
Klubhaus St. Pauli: Digital facade animation
Klubhaus St. Pauli: Digital facade animation
Klubhaus St. Pauli: Digital facade animation
Klubhaus St. Pauli: Digital facade animation
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