Janua Furniture: A 360°-VR-Experience

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    4. Semester

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    Prof. Jörg Liebold

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    Film Directing, Animation, Media and Communication Design, Postproduction, Cinematography

Since 2005, JANUA, headquartered in Bavaria, has been crafting beautiful real-wood furniture by hand. Currently, the company has over 300 partners throughout Europe through which their pieces can be purchased. At the center of their production? A "desire for the real". Quality matters to the company; and it shows.

Above all, JANUA values the quality of the wood they use for their products. From tables and benches to beds and cabinets, each piece has the unmistakable mark of JANUA quality: naturally stained or oiled wood of the highest grade. From sprout to sprawling table, bringing such a piece to fruition is no easy task; and JANUA wants to bring their costumers along to see just how it is done. The “Declaration of love for the oldest material in the world” is the company’s new 360° VR experience. Back in the summer of 2018, JANUA set out to create a visually stunning storyboard that takes the protagonist on a journey into the forest. The ‘viewer’ follows along to see how JANUA embraces the nature of their most used material- wood. The 360° VR experience follows the process of the different surface finishing methods that JANUAR uses. 

360 ° shots: 3D animations for light and camera planning

A group of Macromedia students were lucky enough to join in on the project, which was already headed by Mirror + Sparks, FDY CONSULTING, and Ehoch2®. The students assisted with pre-production, rendering, and set, all under the direction of Macromedia Prof. Jörg Liebold.

They were tasked with visualizing twelve outdoor locations into 3-D animations before the physical shoots took place. While a hard endeavor, the elaborate and time consuming process was necessary due to the intricate lighting and illumination of 360° VR- which is a more complicated process than rendering a 2-D space. Moreover, to add to the complexity, the cameramen needed to anticipate what perspectives may be required after the footage had been rendered. The pre-shoot images created by the Macromedia students served as a basis for planning motif illuminations and camera positioning.

The main idea and concept for the 360 ° VR experience was developed by FDY CONSULTING and Ehoch2®. The Director of Photography (DOP) for the project was Ron Sim, one of the most passionate and renowned cinematographers in the world and six-time award winner from the "Canadian Society of Cinematographers Awards”. The JANUAR 360 ° VR experience premiered at the IMM furnishing fair and was extremely well received. 

Janua Furniture: A 360°-VR-Experience
Janua Furniture: A 360°-VR-Experience
Janua Furniture: A 360°-VR-Experience
Janua Furniture: A 360°-VR-Experience
Janua Furniture: A 360°-VR-Experience
Janua Furniture: A 360°-VR-Experience
Janua Furniture: A 360°-VR-Experience
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