FC Bayern München: developing international social media activities

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    Prof. Dr. Dr. Castulus Kolo, Prof. Dr. Guido Schafmeister, Prof. Hansjörg Zimmermann

FC Bayern München: developing international social media activities

Maintaining close contact with fans is a big priority for Bayern Munich. As well as the fan culture that's cultivated in the stadium, social networks also provide an extremely vibrant fan platform. Many millions of football fans around the world interact with Bayern Munich's social media activities. The club management wanted to know how to convey this fan culture via social media. Were there patterns to be found in the interaction between fans and the club? If yes: were these patterns similar around the world or did they differ culturally? And how should they take these differences into account when creating a social media strategy to address the international fanbase effectively?

The Master's students developed solutions in two phases:

First, the students identified best practice examples of sports brands, sports associations and clubs worldwide. They took into account both the specific activities on the largest social media platforms and their strategic use of social media. In parallel the students surveyed fans of FCB, to find out exactly what "fandom in social media" means to them, what issues are important to them and what motivates them. An online survey posted on Bayern Munich's Facebook page and Twitter profile created widespread interest and a response rate of just over 2,000 fans from over 3,600 questionnaires sent out. It is the first international comparative survey on "fandom in social media" ever carried out.

Based on the survey results, the students moved into the second phase. This involved developing sample campaign proposals and initiating organizational recommendations for the operation and strategic management of social media activities for FC Bayern München.

By evaluating the questionnaires the Macromedia students were able to divide the football fans into four different social media types. According to users preferences and topic interaction patterns the students were able to derive different substantive response strategies and project the success of communications to any type of fan. The students formulated concrete recommendations for Bayern's social media strategy as well as content and feature suggestions for social media management to help stimulate an even more intimate relationship with fans.

The final presentation was made to the heads of FC Bayern München's digital media team at the Allianz Arena VIP Lounge in Munich.

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FC Bayern München: developing international social media activities
FC Bayern München: developing international social media activities
FC Bayern München: developing international social media activities
FC Bayern München: developing international social media activities
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