Ideas for the further development of FAZs service portfolio

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Ideas for the further development of FAZs service portfolio
How do FAZ readers want to consume their news in the future? On what kind of screen, with what depth of information and with which individual features? And exactly who are the subscribers that want quality journalism from the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung in the future?

Digital transformation has changed the way people use media. It has also had a dramatic affect on newspaper publishers' traditional revenue model.

The task

It was against this background that the cooperation between Macromedia University and the FAZ's new business department began. Master's students looked at how FAZ's core journalistic product could be offered in the future, in a way that remains relevant and is also attractive to younger readers in particular.
"The project partners at FAZ approached Macromedia students not just for their methodical, trained analytical skills, but also as dialogue partners who represent potential young readers," said Prof. Oliver Szasz, Vice Head of the Graduate School at the Munich Campus.

Implementation and results

Under the direction of Prof. Oliver Szasz the students undertook a complex, qualitative focus group analysis.

Using Design Research Methods the students developed an extremely nuanced description of the factors that influence young readers for and against reading a particular news story. The students described a wide variety of motivators that went far beyond the often cited lack of time, and were able to deliver concrete evidence supporting specific form and content revisions that could be made to layout and articles.

Another area covered by the presentation that Macromedia students prepared with their results for the Frankfurt FAZ publishing house, were ideas for developing the FAZ product and service portfolios. As explicitly requested by the project partners, the students proposals went much further than just the journalistic portfolio. The core of the proposal was the further development of the FAZ brand as a synonym for knowledge, trustworthiness, analytical skills and networking. The students also provided suggestions for appropriate services. 

Project partner statement

"The cooperation with the student teams from Macromedia University’s M.A. Design Management program was characterized by a high degree of professionalism and creativity. The innovative solutions and contemporary methods have provided us with important input for our future product development. We highly appreciate the results and the collaboration."

Heike Pflug

Business Development Manager

New Business Division

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Ideas for the further development of FAZs service portfolio
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