DuMont: Business Models for a Smart City

The moment we pay our restaurant bill with our smartphone, the instant we use augmented reality to navigate or the second we use collective resources efficiently by sharing and reusing them – these are the moments in which we already live right in the midst of the future smart city. Also associated with this is the digital cross-linking among humans, as well as the interlinking with machines and places. All with the intention of organizing traffic and energy streams, supply and disposal logistics and eventually defining connected interests of a „Smart Governance”.

Networking and connecting: digitally transform editorial strengths

This is the interesting field, connected to digital business ideas, which builds the base of the cooperation project between Macromedia University and DuMont in the winter semester 2017/2018. The project is additionally supported by lecturers of the Open Network from DuMont. Staying true to the Motto "Learn! Connect! Try!", the company hosts around 40 events yearly in order to bring together scientists, founders, start-ups and established players in digitalization.

„The magic word that underlies our digitalized society, especially within the urbanized centers is connection. As it is something publishers have been doing for all times, connecting is one of the main skills of traditional newspaper publishers like DuMont.“ Prof. Dr. Dr. Castulus Kolo, dean and vice president science and lecture of the Macromedia University, explained.

“The student’s task is to determine competences and resources of an urban news provider, intermediate or guide, which can be identified in the business model of a newspaper, transform those onto a smart city and redefine them in new value chain structures. It’s a very visionary, innovative project with a great partner – our students get the chance to really let off their steam.”

In the framework of the project the Master students of Macromedia University worked on topics like “Typology of Smart Cities“, “Publishers in Smart Cities”, “Start-ups for Smart Cities”, “Concepts of Urbanization” on the interface to “Concepts of Mediatization”. As a first step the results have been discussed within a workshop in December 2017 and will be afterwards presented in March 2018.



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DuMont: Business Models for a Smart City
DuMont: Business Models for a Smart City
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