Deloitte Analytics Institute: Smart Governance Concepts

Deloitte Analytics Institute: Smart Governance Concepts
More intelligent, more efficient and more comfortable: municipal administrations and city planners are just now starting to take advantage of the potential that Big Data has to offer. In the framework of the focus project “Smart Cities” the management consulting Deloitte is currently creating its own competency profile. Under the control of Prof. Dr. Gernot Wolfram several Master students participated in this process and supported as idea providers for the section “New citizen services”, or Smart Governance. By now, they are presenting those ideas in the newly launched digital lab called “Greenhouse” in Berlin.


As soon as the „Deloitte Greenhouse“ was open in April 2016, the Berlin Master students of Macromedia University were able to pick up their first project briefing. The head of Macromedia Graduate School at the Campus Berlin, Prof. Dr. Gernot Wolfram, was the one to make contact between the Deloitte Analytics Institute and the Macromedia students, which are already well practiced in analyzing digital services. They were asked to freely define topics that on the one hand fit the field of „New citizen services“ in Berlin and at the same time could be improved through the integration of automatic processes.  

Digital desiderata: Berlin New Citizen services

Backed by a online survey among those new to Berlin the Macromedia students were able to identify two fields, in which the desire for additional service is quite high: the search of new living spaces as well as the dialogue with public authorities. The students developed detailed concepts for both fields, in order to support the processes from a local point of view and increase the quality of service for the users. As the Deloitte committee -  with Senior Manager of the Smart City project in it - can picture the company implementing some of the ideas, it is clear, that the project and the created concepts were a success. 


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Deloitte Analytics Institute: Smart Governance Concepts
Deloitte Analytics Institute: Smart Governance Concepts
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