BSH Home Appliances: Ideas for the applicant management

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BSH Home Appliances: Ideas for the applicant management
In the world of Work 4.0, the competition for competent employees is regarded as a key factor for the company's success. In particular companies in the field of technology are struggling to find well-trained staff and the competition is high. This development or trend is therefore called the “War for Talents”.

The traditional German company BSH Hausgeräte also faces that challenge. The company operates globally and has around 60,000 employees in 50 countries, which means, that they already recruit in immense proportions. To improve their own recruitment activities, they mainly rely on the know-how of their young target group itself. For that reason, master students of the University Macromedia, under the direction of design professor Oliver Szasz, elaborated ideas for the applicant management of BSH Hausgeräte GmbH.

“How do we manage to receive not just as many applications as possible but also the most suitable ones?” was the key question throughout the Design Thinking process, which should also help to understand how young talents experience the application process. The Method of Design Thinking focuses on the person, their needs and motivations and was for that reason very helpful to get better insights and solutions for the issue of BSH recruiters. The client´s intention was to understand the perception of the applicants during the entire “Candidate Journey” and receive suggestions for improvement.

After the work was done, Ursula Speicher of the Human Resources Department of the BSH Hausgeräte GmbH Germany gave following statement: “A big thank you to the excellent Macromedia students. They carried out extensive research on the project topic within a very short amount of time and got out substantial results. We appreciate your ideas and thank you for an inspiring presentation. We have had a great benefit from the Design Think Process. The team has not only managed to build empathy with different stakeholder-groups but also modelled inspiring prototypes. We also know to appreciate that the students didn´t want to flatter us with their results, but really pointed out what challenged us the most. The cooperation was great and we had lots of fun! Every company should wish for students like that! We would repeat projects with Macromedia students anytime!”


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BSH Home Appliances: Ideas for the applicant management
BSH Home Appliances: Ideas for the applicant management
BSH Home Appliances: Ideas for the applicant management
BSH Home Appliances: Ideas for the applicant management

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