AIRBUS: Combating environmental pollution through satellite imagery

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AIRBUS: Combating environmental pollution through satellite imagery
With "The big picture"-Technology by AIRBUS, satellites and drones capture high-resolution images of the earth's surface every day. The application of these images is wide spread and of particular use in industrial, economic and scientific fields. Most relevantly, climate researchers and state planners are able to analyze the images and utilize the technology to better understand climate and geographical correlations as well as document changes in the earth.

AIRBUS’s high-performance technologies

Driven by a desire to find new, socially relevant uses for high-performance technology in accordance with the UN sustainable development goals, AIRBUS and Macromedia’s Graduate School students teamed-up on a student project to find innovate solutions.

Under the direction of Prof. Oliver Szasz, the Master's students applied the Design Thinking methodology to define new areas of application for the existing technology. Design thinking revolves around structured problem solving and the systematic development of new ideas. The needs and motivations of people are always at the center of the process, which can be described as a combination of: understanding, observation, brainstorming, refinement, execution and learning. In close cooperation with AIRBUS, Macromedia students defined two areas in which the use of the image-based analysis tools from AIRBUS seemed particularly promising:
  • The reduction of overfishing through green business development in alignment with UN Goals
  • The developing a proposition for Airbus in support of UN sustainable goal n.6: clean water and sanitation

Airbus Weighs-In

"The engagement with the Macromedia University of Munich was triggered by our common intent to find new ideas and inspirations for tackling some of the world’s biggest problems i.e. doing good, and on the other hand developing new, scalable business models and services which could enable the implementation. The students demonstrated a great performance by combining their expertise in design with social aspects, technology and business thinking. We were very satisfied with the results of the project and appreciated a lot the creativity, mindset and hard work which the students have shown."

Dr. Armin Beckert
Vice President of New Business Models and Services



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AIRBUS: Combating environmental pollution through satellite imagery
AIRBUS: Combating environmental pollution through satellite imagery
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