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People who recommend us

Barbara Liverotti

Manager, External Relations, Media and Communication at FABRICA

"The MHMK is the first university that has joined the Live Windows Network - making it is especially important to us. Our cooperation began in March 2011, when we invited the students to develop concepts on the theme of International Women's Day for the Benetton Live Windows project. The Live Windows project is a creative research project with the focus on Experience Design, a new language developing between Brand and User. Fabrica, the research center for communication from Benetton Group has built the Live Windows Network in new Benetton Flagship stores worldwide (from London to Tianjin via Paris, Moscow, München, New Delhi etc.). We fully appreciated the enthusiasm with which the students accepted our challenge in dealing with the new form of communication of the Live Windows. You forged a new path in terms of graphics and narrative technique - and ultimately explored a new form of design."

Frank Müller

Chief Editor Online, RTL Interactive

"It gives us great pleasure to work together with top, young, motivated people. Through our cooperation with Prof. Elter, we have discovered and prepared some MHMK journalism students of the university to give them their first chance at an internship."

Roman Steuer

Head of Broadcasting Sky Sport News HD

"We want to offer at Sky Sport News HD premium sports journalism - and we need above all quality employees. Through the cooperation with the MHMK we encourage talented young students and support the best with a well-founded and high quality education. The MHMK has offered for years an excellent training in journalism. "

Matthias Horne

Managing Director ZebraMobil

"As part of a project seminar MHMK students developed billboard campaigns for Zebra Mobil. From the results, we were simply thrilled. Highly creative designs, the professional nature of the presentation, the timely and well targeted project work and last but not least the infectious enthusiasm of the students have far exceeded our expectations."

Julia Nemitz

Junior Producer Fortune Cookie Film Production

"The Fortune Cookie Film Production thanked the students of MHMK, especially the "Awesome Muffins" for their expertise and their professional work power that they have put into the development of fictional video games, which was used in the ZDF small teleplay production "Der Sieger in Dir." This became a great video game with good animation and creative character developments. You're absolutely recommend further! Keep it up!"

Benjamin Villhauer

Senior Sourcing Manager, Gameforge 4D GmbH

"We at Gameforge, an internationally established provider of Free-2-Play games, are delighted about the activities of MHMK in the field of game design. We had the following touch points with the school: For example a student team with the game "Pigeons" took part in our 2011 Newcomer- Award competition and placed respectably despite fierce competition. Moreover, an intern from the MHMK worked with us in the area of "Sourcing" and brought with her a constructive nature and expertise in the field. We want to cooperate more closely in the future with the MHMK and are eager to see what talents the university will still bring forth."

Ralf Lülsdorf

Head of International Sponsoring Deutsche Telekom

"As part of a joint project in preparation for the "Day of Digital Music 2011" in the T-Gallery (the Future and Innovation Forum of Deutsche Telekom), we have launched a joint project with the Macromedia University for Media and Communication (MHMK). Various student groups of the university were asked in team workshops to deal with the impact of the increasing digitization of music and its usage under the heading "Interplay". The results were impressive. Just the foresight with which students worked on the problems, has positively surprised us. Also the flexibility which the organizers demonstrated, has made the cooperation successful. We wish the students and the MHMK lots of luck in their future!"

Dr. Alfred Wendel

Director of the Duisburg Philharmonic

"The cooperation of the Duisburg Philharmonic with the study program of Media Design in Cologne is for us, as a city orchestra, a tremendous bonus. Concepts, ideas, and multimedia applications of the students are now since 2009 again an important interface for our marketing and public relations. A wide range of of media applications were designed and implemented including: social media strategies, video clips for a summer cinema, and an interactive information platform for children. We always look forward to cooperating with the young designers of MHMK and highly appreciate the cooperation."

Uwe Bossert

Guitarist Reamonn, part-time teacher at the MHMK Munich campus

"For creative musicians to be able to develop their talents without worries or constraints, there has to be a functional, healthy music industry. After the upheaval of the last few years it’s more important than ever that this industry be enriched by well-trained and highly-motivated new recruits – since they have no reservations about dealing with the new structures, and don’t hang on to old routines."

Ulrike Hanky-Mehner

Managing Partner Havas PR Hamburg

“Our agency is a first port of call for innovative communication solutions. For this it needs new recruits whose know-how is not just theoretical, but has a healthy relationship to practice, and for whom interdisciplinary thought and action are second nature. Our clients also appreciate the inspiration which comes from joint projects with the students of Macromedia.”

Cornelia Kunze

General Manager, Edelman PR, Germany

“From our point of view, MHMK’s practice-oriented courses are the ideal means of training highly qualified new recruits for the media and communications industry. This is one of the reasons why we are keen to establish a long-term partnership with the Media University. In 2010 we started the TalentED programme with MHMK. The goal is dual training in the university and the PR agency, to foster new talent in PR. Every year a few Bachelor’s graduates get the opportunity to begin a one-year practical programme with us, with a fixed monthly salary, annual holiday and accompanying units of training.As part of this collaboration, graduates who go on to enrol for a Master’s degree at MHMK after their TalentED year can obtain their trainee qualification with us at the same time.”

Christiane Schulz

Managing Partner and member of the Executive Board, KetchumPleon GmbH

“We’ve already had several interns from MHMK and have always been very happy with them. The students have demonstrated a sound knowledge of fundamentals, have been highly motivated, and easy to integrate into day-to-day work. We look forward to further applications from  MHMK students.”

Mirco Hecker

Spokesman for the Gesamtverband Kommunikationsagenturen GWA e.V.(German Association of Communications Agencies)

The GWA has worked closely with MHMK for some years. The results of this collaboration are an annual road show at the MHMK’s sites, where GWA member agencies give school and university students insight into  everyday agency work, lectures given to MHMK students by representatives of agencies and of the association, regular participation by the university in the GWA Junior Agency competition, and practice-oriented tasks for seminar courses in the Brand Management and Advertising programme. Why does GWA like working with MHMK? Because it’s so uncomplicated.

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