Wednesday | 16. September 2020

Thank you: Macromedia awards dedicated students with DAAD scholarship

Everybody knows them: It is the students who are always there. They never say no, are always friendly, help and mediate. They are especially important for the community of international students, as they make it easier for many fellow students to find their way in German society. Macromedia University is now honoring eight of its international students with an DAAD-scholarship-for-dedicated-students. Thanks to Shani Mehl, Anna de Medeiros Carvalho, Ashwita Mukundan, Rohit Ramesan, Thais Kern de Luca, Amanda Díaz, Catherine Anthony and Iuliia Ustinova. Thank you for your commitment to the university community, thank you for being with us.

To recognize the commitment of foreign students at German universities, universities with a relevant international community receive financial support from the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service). In the past, Macromedia University had used these funds exclusively to finance excursions and events, but this year, for the first time, it offered scholarships for individuals.

Inspired by their local contacts, international students from five of the seven Macromedia campuses applied for the scholarships for dedicated students, which are endowed with up to 900 euros. The decision on the award was made by a six-member internal university jury headed by Ronja Fries, Head of International Office at Macromedia University.

"Our university life would be poorer": Jury recognizes the students' commitment

"The jury meeting was incredibly inspiring," comments Fries. "Seeing how active our international students are on their respective campuses, how professionally they work together with various departments of the university, how naturally they help their fellow students and how modestly they themselves perform - that really impressed us jurors.

"We all benefit from the commitment of these students," emphasizes Halyna Yaremko, Director Operations at Macromedia University. "Whether they accompany our student advisory service to education fairs, support new fellow students in their dealings with authorities, organize campus events or simply learn, discuss, research and present with a great deal of passion: without these students, our university life would be poorer. That is why we are pleased to officially honor them for the first time.

Scholarship holders from Campus Berlin, Cologne and Munich: the international community is growing

So we say: Many thanks and congratulations to the recipients of the DAAD Scholarship 2020 of Macromedia University:

  • From Campus Berlin: Shani Mehl (Israel), Thais Kern de Luca (Brazil), Amanda Díaz (Mexico), Rohit Ramesan (India)
  • From Campus Cologne: Anna de Medeiros Carvalho (Brazil), Iuliia Ustinova (Russia)
  • From the Munich Campus: Ashwita Mukundan (India), Catherine Anthony (India)


Shani Mehl (Israel), Macromedia University

Macromedia University honors eight international students for enriching the campus community with their commitment: Shani Mehl (Israel) from Campus Berlin,

Ashwita Mukundan (Indien), Macromedia University

Ashwita Mukundan (India) from Macromedia's Munich Campus,

Anna de Medeiros Carvalho (Brasilien), Macromedia University

Anna de Medeiros Carvalho (Brazil) vom Macromedia's Cologne Campus,

Amanda Díaz (Mexiko), Macromedia University

Amanda Díaz (Mexico) vom Macromedia's Berlin Campus,

Catherine Anthony (Indien), Macromedia University

Catherine Anthony (India) from Macromedia's Munich Campus,

Thais Kern de Luca (Brasilien), Macromedia University

Thais Kern de Luca (Brazil) from Macromedia's Berlin Campus,

Iuliia Ustinova (Russland) und Rohit Ramesan (Indien), Macromedia University

Iuliia Ustinova (Russia) from Macromedia's Cologne Campus und Rohit Ramesan (India) from Macromedia's Berlin Campus.

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