Monday | 15. April 2019

Goldmedia Award: Macromedia Grad Honored for Excellent Innovative Bachelor Thesis

Macromedia grad received honors at Goldmedia Award for his innovative bachelor thesis. Proppe, who studied Brand Management and Advertising at Campus Berlin, devoted his thesis to the topic: "Particular Instagram Profiles - How to Develop Parent-Child-Structures in Cross-culturally Complex Brand Architectures?" His supervisor was Prof. Dr. Brigitte Kleinselbeck. Congratulation.

For the second time, a Macromedia graduate made it into the top league of the Goldmedia Award. Following Anna-Marina Steinberger (Goldmedia Award 2017), Marcel Proppe was amongst the 2018 honorees. Both bachelor students accomplished their theses under supervision by Prof. Dr. Brigitte Kleinselbeck in Brand Management and Advertising (B.A.) at campus Berlin. The success is remarkable, as most of the honored theses were written on master or even Ph.D. level.

"I’m so happy for Marcel who really found his topic here.", says brand and marketing expert Prof. Dr. Brigitte Kleinselbeck from campus Berlin says. "The Goldmedia Award is also a great recognition for us as university researchers. The award reflects the high level our students work at - especially with respect to topicality and innovativeness of research."

Goldmedia Thesis Award: Promoting research topics in media economics

With the award, Goldmedia Group is honoring innovative theses in the field of media economics to promote discussion of media relevant topics among students. Timeliness of research results, originality and innovativeness of the work, scientific methodology, and potential use of research results are the evaluation criteria for the award. 

@marczanes: Macromedia alumni uses research experience for this influencer career

Marcel Proppe used his bachelor thesis on Instagram brand architectures as a springboard for a career in influencer marketing. With more than 140,000 followers within just a few months, Marcel has become a popular influencer in fashion and lifestyle who also offers consultancy services in this field. Keep movin’.

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Macromedia alumni Marcel Proppe was honored for his innovative thesis in Brand Management and Advertising (B.A.) at Goldmedia Award.

Macromedia alumni Marcel Proppe was honored for his innovative thesis in Brand Management and Advertising (B.A.) at Goldmedia Award.

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