Wednesday | 27. June 2018

You make us proud: Macromedia honours the best graduates

Sven Bottesch, Jens Weidemann, Meike Papenfuß, Rebecca Göckel: these are the best student among this year's bachelor graduates. Macromedia University honored their success during the Absolvia graduation celebration. We want to say thank you for seven semesters full of inspiration and also we wish good luck to everyone of the 322 graduates. #youchange

That doesn’t happen often: Sven Bottesch, a Macromedia Student in Berlin finished his Bachelor studies with a final average score of 1,0.

The academic dean Prof. Dr. Astrid Friese is impressed by his commitment, his enthusiasm and his critical curiosity: “He was never satisfied with the simple answers. That's how he challenged and motivated everyone, his fellow students as well as the teachers“, the professor for Media and Communication says. „Sven made the best out of every single opportunity Macromedia gave to him – which led him to excellent internships and a bachelor thesis, that exceeds the usual bachelor level and helped him find a job. On top of all that, he is a very friendly  and appreciating guy - he definitely enriched our Campus“.

Eyes on the career-goal: Use the Bachelor thesis as a way to position yourself

After finishing his training as a radio journalist, his aim was to settle down and define his individual unique selling point. So, Bottesch chose the English Bachelor program for media management. He told us everything about the experiences he gained through this decision in this interview. His Bachelor thesis about Influencer Marketing made him stand out of the crowd and lead to him presenting his research results at the B2B conference “All Influencer Marketing Conference“,  surrounded by other experts of the industry. All the best – dear Sven! We will curiously keep track of your way!

Cologne’s altitude flight: three Bachelor graduates with the final score of 1,1

We want to congratulate Jens Weidemann  (Design), Meike Papenfuß (Design management) and Rebecca Göckel (PR and Communication management) -– all of them studied at the Cologne campus and successfully completed their studies with the average score of 1,1.

The three students were a special enrichment to our university: Meike Papenfuß acted as  a spokeswoman of the student body. Jens Weidemann will soon be returning to our campus as design strategist of Deutsche Telekom, not to forget the Food-start-up Rebecca Göckel founded for vegan ice cream. All the best to all of you – let’s stay in touch.

Please find detailed information to the different course of studies by the following links:

(IMH, translated by Christiana Bukalo)

Sven Bottesch - Top Macromedia graduate of his year. Sven studied Media and Communication B.A. at the Berlin campus.

Rebecca Göckel is expert for PR and communication management. While still in university, she founded the icecream-label NOMOO.

Jens Weidemann is a Design-graduate from campus Cologne. His Bachelor-thesis was devoted to visual and narrative communication.

Designmanagement-student Meike Papenfuß was an active member of the student council. She acted as a spokesperson for all Macromedia students.

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