Sunday | 27. May 2018

Discovering German Politics: Students visit the German Bundestag

On May 18th, a group of international students from the second semester of Media and Communication Management (B.A.) and the first semester of Media and Communication Management (M.A.) got the chance to visit the Bundestag. Afterwards, they engaged in vivid political discussions at the office of the German parliament's member Hartmut Ebbing at the Paul-Löbe-Haus.

Studying in Germany means also to learn about the country's history and its political sphere. Therefore, on May 18th, Media Management professor Astrid Friese took her group of international students from eight different countries to the German parliament, the Bundestag. An enthusiastic tour-guide gave not only insights into the eventful history of the German Bundestag – but referred to the many details of the Norman Forster architecture e.g. the incorporated graffiti of Russian female Soldiers. The students had a glimpse into the plenary hall and the press gallery and gathered information on the plenary sessions of the parliament members. The tour ended at the glass dome with beautiful sunshine being the ideal frame for photos. 

Afterwards, they met Carl Grouwet, head of office for parliament member Hartmut Ebbing (liberal party), who gave many insights into the daily work of a parliament member and its staff. But also politics of the day played a role in the lively discussion. Hartmut Ebbing's view on European issues as well as the current development on the Israel-Palestine border or the fragile Iran nuclear weapon treaty were as questioned as more concrete German issues, such as tax problems for foreign freelancers. The students were fascinated to come that close to German politics!

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The students with Prof. Astrid Friese and Carl Grouwet at the Paul-Löbe-Haus.

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