Thursday | 15. March 2018

Entering Berlin’s Start-up Market: Macromedia-Alumna Launches Skill-Sharing Platform

In 2018, the internet of things is more relevant than ever for our daily lives. Macromedia alumna Irina Nikolovska believes in the web’s ability to connect people in order to share their knowledge and skills. After graduating from Macromedia, she has now launched her digital start-up “U/Skillity” that aims at making learning more accessible.

Coming from Macedonia, 24-year old Irina Nikolovska has surpassed different educational systems. Going through a rather strict path in her home country where she did both her international high school diploma and her bachelor degree in film directing, she was searching for a more open approach to complement her creative skill set with business abilities when she started her master's degree in media and communication management at Macomedia University Berlin. By looking into subjects from marketing over PR to business planning and market research, she obtained a more concrete idea of her strengths: "During the Master Studies I enjoyed learning about organisation and management strategies, but what I discovered was that I have an affinity towards Marketing and even more towards Entrepreneurship. Being a more hands-on person, I found the interactive or practical projects we got to experience at Macromedia especially invigorating."

Finding the Strength to Build Your Own Business Through Practical Experience

After experiencing the opportunity to actively engage in concrete business tasks with companies like the spirits producer Jägermeister, Irina decided to give her own ideas a go. "Through the completion of my master studies, I acquired a more analytical and structured approach towards dealing with my vocational tasks. Apprehending where my strengths and weaknesses lie contributed to the strengthening of my self-confidence and assertiveness - and that led to the understanding of my inner beliefs and passions which steered me to the path of creating u/skillity." Conclusively, already in her first year of studies, Irina began to work on creating her own tech start-up while combining her knowledge from both her bachelor and master studies.

The Idea: Making Learning More Accessible

In March 2018, Irina and her partner Shawn Gordon Becker have now launched their business website U/skillity - a skill sharing platform for literally everyone: "My partner and I believe that every single one of us owns skills that are worth sharing. However, the traditional school system does not always give us the chance to work up to our full potential in areas that we would strive in the most." By connecting tutors and interested people as well as enabling everybody to become teachers and share their interests and abilities, Irina and Shawn want to fill what they belive to be a gap in our society: They aim at establishing a community that makes learning and teaching more accessible, more people-centred and much more inspiring - "a community whose people inspire each other and strive driven by their own creativity and passions."

On her road to her own start-up, Macromedia University has been an important component in Irina's career path. And we are proud of having graduates that are willing to rearrange our business world - to a great success story with u/skillity!

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Irina Nikolovska successfully graduated in Media and Communication Management in summer term 2017.

During her master studies she discovered her strengths in entrepeneurship and marketing while working on practical projects with Mast-Jägermeister and other companies. (First from the right)

Now she has launched her own start-up u/skillity: a skillsharing platform that aims at making learning more accessible and people-centred.

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