Friday | 21. December 2018

Future of Financial Services: Macromedia Students Wowed Renown DSV Group with Blockchain-based Solutions

Great atmosphere at Macromedia University Berlin towards the end of year: 34 bachelor and master students sparked Deutscher Sparkassenverlag (DSV) with ideas on how to revolutionize the financial services of German Savings Bank Finance Group's clients with blockchain technology.

The briefing of this design thinking project coached by design professor Thomas Stegmann and brand expert Prof. Dr. Brigitte Kleinselbeck was to create a digital product based on blockchain technology that could be applied to German Savings Banks (Sparkassen). And they did it! In just two months, students rushed in researching, interviewing, prototyping and user testing for relevance and usability. Their final results, students pitched in inspiring eight-minute presentations with remarkable feedback by DSV jurors Thorsten Hallermeier, Director Organization & IT, and Inhouse Consultant Robert Glanc. „All presentations were really awesome“, project owner Hallermeier resumed. „Within a tight time frame, students have developed extremely relevant use cases and ideas for our company. The scientific basis is providing us with great impulses for our work. The range of research approaches was broad, longing from qualitative interviews to quantitative testing. Thus, it was quite difficult for us to identify the best pitch team and use case.“

Honors for „Best Pitch“ and „Best Use Case“

Master students Isabelle Bedê, Kateryna Laiko and Matinuch Ouyyamwongs were honored as best pitch team. They convinced the jury not only with a great presentation but also with a winning idea for mobile business banking for startups featuring digital signature, smart invoice and AI business consultancy using easy-to-use interface and secure blockchain technology. The prototype was presented as a film. Bachelor students Sara Ritterath, Barbara Pauli, Paula Becker und Felix Hoefermann were awarded Best Use Case Prize for an amazing real estate solution. Based on qualitative interviews with IT and banking experts as well as banking clients they identified strong weaknesses of blockchain technology along total customer journey. Therefore, they developed a cloud-based real estate platform that shall support the buying process through artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. Their presentation convinced with an interactive Adobe XD prototype.

Macromedia @ DSV Creative Space

„The selection of the best ideas and pitches  was also very exciting for us professors“, Prof. Thomas Stegmann commented. „We are delighted that our teams obviously stroke some of our business partners’ chords, by developing and testing relevant use cases.“ According to the DSV jurors, this is exactly what happened: „In our digital co-working space we are working on similar projects. We are inviting  all teams to our innovation hub in order to co-work on ideas. We are looking forward to their visits starting in January.“ Congratulations.

About Deutscher Sparkassenverlag (DSV)

DSV is part of the DSV Group, a specialized solution provider for German Saving Banks alongside corporations and assocciations of German Savings Bank Finance Group (Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe), a group of credit institutions in Germany consisting of 600 companies with around 354,500 employees.


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34 bachelor and master students guided by professors Thomas Stegmann and Dr. Brigitte Kleinselbeck presented blockchain-based solutions for Deutscher Sparkassenverlag.

All students appreciated much DSV jurors’ praise, gift cards and the invitation to DSV creative space. Special prices were awarded for Best Pitch and Best Use Case respectively.

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