Tuesday | 04. December 2018

The Social Shake-up: Macromedia Alumnus Explains His Success as Influencer and Entrepreneur at Campus Berlin

Happy reunion: Alumnus, lifestyle blogger and young entrepreneur Marcel Proppe came back to Macromedia University Berlin. On invitation of his marketing professor Dr. Brigitte Kleinselbeck he discussed with international students key success factors in influencer marketing.

It’s just half a year ago that alumnus Marcel Proppe received his graduation certificate in Brand Management and Advertising (B.A.). Today, he is a successful lifestyle blogger and just about to start his own agency specialized in influencer marketing. A good reason to bring him back to the campus according to his marketing professor Dr. Brigitte Kleinselbeck. Together with Edda Luckas from the International Office and media management student Delphina Hagen she organized the fascinating open lecture „The Social Shake-Up! Insights from a Blogger“ at campus Berlin.

His passion for influencer marketing, Marcel Proppe developed during his internship at media corporation Viacom and his bachelor thesis on social media strategies of multinational companies. Then, after his graduation, he invested much time and all of his knowledge in building his own lifestyle blog. „I spent days and nights with analyzing channels, building connections with other bloggers and discovering brands and activities that are interesting for me. It was hard work, however, good influencers are not born masters. They need focused strategies.“, Marcel answers to the question how he would explain his success. „If you believe that it is all about nice photos, you’re completely wrong.“ 85,000 followers he has already attracted. This December, he wants to crack the 100,000 milestone. The interaction with fans, bloggers and brands he is considering as especially important. At the same time, not all inquiries from brands are equally important to him. The offers have to match his own personality and brand model. This is what he had learnt during the course of his studies.

His professor liked his answers much: „Marcel Proppe has not only learnt the methods of brand management from scratch, he has also understood that these tools will help him build his own business.“ And what are the next steps? „A joint project“, she smiles. „We already talked about it.“ Fantastic.

With financial support from the DAAD through Federal Foreign Office funds.

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Alumnus Marcel Proppe aka @MarcZanes is a successful influencer and young entrepreneur today.

During his open lecture „The Social Shake-up“, Marcel Proppe shared his success story with international students and faculty.

Prof. Dr. Brigitte Kleinselbeck was also very happy to welcome Julien Grünberg (m.) who studied Brand Management and Advertising together with Marcel Proppe (l.).

The open lecture was financially supported by DAAD through Federal Ministry funds.

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