Monday | 08. January 2018

Höhle der Löwen – the German version of “Shark tank”: mega-deal for Macromedia graduates

Now they are really getting started: With their appearance in the VOX-Show „Höhle der Löwen“, the German version of the American show „Shark Tank“, the Macromedia graduates Malte Steiert and his partner Finn Fahrenkrug managed to win 450.000,- € starting capital from the investor Carsten Maschmeyer. Besides that, the show appearance created a lot of attention for their product. Bild, Stern, Gala – all German newspapers and magazines are now reporting on the founders of the app „Foodguide“ from Hamburg.

They were the stars of the “Höhle der Löwen” episode broadcasted on 31st October, 2017. Malte Steiert and Finn Fahrenkrug presented their app “Foodguide” in the fourth season of the show – in a way the app could be described as “Tinder for food”, both explain. Carsten Maschmeyer is convinced and invests 450.000,- € for a share of 20% of the start-up.

Click here for the app.

Just like „Tinder for Food“ – get the perfect restaurant recommendations via swipe

The app „Foodguide“ presents food pictures to the users which were taken in surrounding restaurants and at the same time rated by other users. The recommendation can be declined by a swipe to the left, or accepted by swiping right. This is how the app leads the user to his or her perfect culinary match. The Foodguide app can be used in cities like Hamburg, Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Paris or Barcelona and as more than half a million people are using the app, all signs are pointing to expansion. Malte Steiert and Finn Fahrenkrug are now planning an American launch of the app. Which is one of the reasons they are so thrilled about Carsten Maschmeyer’s decision: „ As he has a lot of contacts and good connections to the USA, Carsten Maschmeyer was our preferred investor from the beginning. He himself owns  a registered office in San Francisco and as we would love to expand to the USA, he is ideal as a partner.“

Flash of inspiration during the semester abroad: Malte Steiert is a graduate of Macromedia University

Malte Steiert is a Bachelor graduate of Macromedia in Hamburg. Which is where he developed his business plan for the Foodguide, with the help of his professor Philipp Riehm. The idea was a brainwave during a semester abroad, he explained in the interview with the magazine Gala: „During my semester abroad I was especially fascinated by the food culture in Thailand. There were small restaurants at every corner and mobile cookshops parked at the pavements. The people in Thailand celebrate food in a totally different way than we do in Germany. Hence, I wanted to find a way to create a space in which food could be shared in a special manner.“

The Macromedia community is impressed – and also the media is interested in the two likeable founders from Hamburg. „How Foodguide made a mega deal with food” Gala headlined. “‘Foodguide‘: get to the perfect food or restaurant by swipe“ Stern published. And also the newspaper Bild couldn’t resist mentioning “Foodguide” in one of their latest issues. Meanwhile there even has been a film about the ambitious founders from Hamburg: click here to find out more about that. Good luck, Foodguide!

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(IMH, translated by Christiana Bukalo)

Macromedia graduate Malte Steiert (right) and Finn Fahrenkrug during the presentation of their Foodguide app at "Höhle der Löwen".

That’s how the app looks like. Foodguide leads its users to the perfect restaurant match via swipe. Photo: Foodguide

„Starting up USA – from the garage to a unicorn in 5000 km“ – the movie about Malte Steierts USA-trip. Photo: Haufe Lexware

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