Friday | 04. August 2017

Nureva™ Span™: Visual collaboration system enables design-thinking process

Design Thinking represents a key approach in Macromedia's School of Creative Arts. Applying the iterative innovation process to real business cases is a standard in Macromedia's teaching. Among the project based industry partners are companies like BMW, Bosch, SAP. By introducing the Nureva™ Span™ system the extensive collaboration activities that lay at the chore of the Design Thinking Methodology have now been taken to a new level.

Great opportunities for Design Thinking Experts: Macromedia University installed the Nureva™ Span™ Visual Collaboration Tool in its Munich Media lab – and plans are underway to install a second system at its Berlin campus, too. The implementation of the Span system transformed a simple classroom-wall into a three-meter-wide interactive workspace where students can share and discuss their ideas in a flexible and dynamic way during the design-thinking process.

Prior to the new technology, the students used to rely on paper sticky notes to track their ideas and organize information during key stages of the design-thinking process. By bringing this process into the digital realm, the Span system makes it easier for students to evolve ideas and see correlations between research data and other information. Multiple students can work together on the 60 meters shared digital canvas from their personal devices or contribute and organize information directly at the wall. Students also use the system to present their research findings to client companies, turning what used to be a static conversation into a collaborative and interactive experience.

"The Span system triggers a sort of visual thinking – it’s a different way of thinking, using a different part of our brains. We’re not just relying on words", says Oliver Szsasz, a design professor and head of the university’s design thinking master’s program. "It’s a fantastic tool for teams that work creatively."

Find out more about the Macromedia study programme of Design Thinking (M.A.).


Let's the ideas flow: A Macromedia Design student works with the visual collaboration tool by Nureva Span.

With its particular spatial and visual quality, the Nureva Span system helps students to find correlations between research data. (Image: Nureva)

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