Tuesday | 11. July 2017

Expert Symposium on the 'New' Age of Club and EDM Culture at Kantine am Berghain

There’s more to Berlin than its prominent history, tons of activities for locals and tourists, and being a metropolitan melting-pot. What is Berlin without its nightlife? The clubbing scene in this city is a pillar worth observing. That was the topic of the interdisciplinary symposium held by Macromedia University at Kantine am Berghain on Wednesday, 21st of June, 2017, titled “The New Age of Club and EDM Culture.” A report by Satyavathi Sai Kirtana Ayyagari and Reem Atef Lotfy Mohamed ElDessouky.

(Berlin) The interdisciplinary program provided an interesting take on the clubbing scene in Berlin from professionals in the field. The first part of the event covered the scientific research and studies on the clubbing culture. This discussion covered the aspect of what shapes the experiences of audiences and partygoers and which are the main catalysts for creating a connection between hearing the sounds and the overall feel. Next point discussed was the bouncers and how they understand and decide on who they let inside. In other words, through their queue observation they can compose the inside from what is outside, where they developed an understanding to the psychology of people queuing.

The second part of the symposium dealt with practice oriented experiences and insights. An organizational aspect of the partying scene was also gotten into, particularly the Club Commission, who bring experts from different fields together. An eye-opening discussion on the consciousness of female artists in the field was weighed up, bringing into light how the role of females in the electronic music are gaining recognition, buy yet still needs to evolve.

To wrap up the intriguing presentations and discussions, a DJ workshop was held allowing the participants to experience, even if only for a little while, what it is like to be mixing and producing music live.

It was quite a riveting experience to view the EDM and clubbing culture from more than one perspective, opposed to where one is usually just on the outside queuing for a fun night.

The event was organized by Prof. Dr. Martin Lücke (Macromedia Berlin), Dr. Anita Jóri (UdK) and Kata Katz (Macromedia Berlin). Among the guests were Katja Lucker (Musicboard Berlin), Dr. Botond Vitos, Dr. Jan-Michael Kuhn, Christine Preiser (Max-Planck-Institut), Native Instruments, Tom Talenberg and Nina Pixer.

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"The 'New' Age of Club and EDM Culture" was the topic of the onbe-day symposium on June 21 at Kantine am Berghain. Image: Krisztina Turna

Scientists and Experts of various fields discussed the economic context of techno. A DJ workshop completed the symposium. Image: Krisztina Turna

Prof. Dr. Martin Lücke, Dr. Anita Jóri and Kata Katz organized this perfect summer solstice. Foto: Krisztina Turna

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