Monday | 10. July 2017

Macromedia meets the Italian Embassy: Italian Fashion Artists share professional and personal experiences at “L´Ambasciata incontra….. la moda”

In cooperation with Macromedia University, the Italian Embassy hosted the event "L´Ambasciata incontra….. la moda" on June 23rd. In an inspirational setting, four Italian fashion artists based in Berlin told their stories about working in Berlin's fashion industry.

Italy is worldwide well known for its long fashion tradition and is therefore a place of origin for uniqe designs, innovative designers and astonishing quality. The merchandise mark "Made in Italy" was created in the 1980s to promote the uniqueness of Italian products in four traditional industries: food, clothes, furniture and automobiles. It represents a prestigious recognition for any Italian producer and a guarantee of style for international clients. "Made in Italy" combines innovation, creativity with quality, making it the third popular brand after Coca Cola and VISA.

Within this frame of international relevance, the Italian Embassy in cooperation with Macromedia University invited to the panel discussion "L´Ambasciata incontra….. la moda" (The Embassy meets fashion) on June 23rd. The panel featured four Italian fashion producers based in Berlin, who exchanged their experiences and perceptions of living and working in Berlin. The guests: Andrea Bonfini and Nicola Gomiero (art director at Fade Out); Ludovica Diligu (founder of, Beatrice Paola Ruffini (designer and stylist of ALL OFF) and Alessia Flavia Vitale (creator of Violator and FINERBLACK). The panel was introduced by the Italian ambassador Pietro Benassi and mediated by the well-known Italian journalist Maria Latella (Sky Tg24, Il Messaggero, Radio 24).

Fashion & Design: Towards More Convergence and Syncretism

One of the key topics of the discussion was the difference between fashion and design, where boundaries are always more blurred. Historically the two sectors have been separated, but in recent years the two worlds started to mutually influence each other in order to reach the common goal of creating products that are beautiful and well produced at the same time. The work of the four Italian fashionists is representative of this encounter, in which concreteness meets luxury for realizing a unique product of our culture.

Berlin: Homeland of Creativity and Experimentation

Andrea Bonfini and Nicola Gomiero (Fade Out), Ludovica Diligu (, Beatrice Paola Ruffini (ALL OFF) and Alessia Flavia Vitale (Violator, FINERBLACK) described their experiences of living in Berlin as fashion artists by recognizing the inspirational vibes the city provides for conceiving their collections. Berlin emerged also in the fashion sector as homeland where artists can nurture their creativity thanks to the city's cultural diversity.

Starting in winter term 2017 on, Macromedia University offers the Bachelor program Fashion Management in the fashion capital Berlin. In addition, we host a bachelor program in Fashion Design offered by our partner university "Atelier Chardon Savard" at our campus in Berlin.

On June 23rd, the Italian Embassy hosted the event "L´Ambasciata incontra….. la moda" in cooperation with Macromedia University Berlin. Four Italian fashionists now based in Berlin shared their personal experiences about living and working in Berlin.

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