Tuesday | 12. December 2017

Replacing Berlin-Kreuzberg with political Canada: Macromedia Alumna works for Ontario Government

Her master's degree in Media and Communication Management (M.A.): completed with distinction. Her speech at the Graduation Ceremony: perceived with rapturous applause. Now the Government of Ontario benefits from the communication talent of Macromedia graduate Paula El-Khoury. We congratulate to this great career entry. #youchange

For three semesters native Canadian Paula El-Khoury studied at Macromedia University in Berlin - the most international campus of the private university. As an English-speaking master's student, she studied Media and Communication Management (M.A.) under Prof. Dr. Gernot Wolfram, specializing  in questions of intercultural communication.  Now her first job takes her back to Canada where she serves as Public Relations Officer for the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration and the Ministry of Seniors Affairs.

We ask Paula about her new job and her memories from Macromedia:

Paula El-Khoury, December 2017

„After I handed in my Thesis, I moved back to Toronto in hopes of starting my career there. Right before I flew back to Berlin for Absolvia, I found out I was given a contract with the Ontario Government, working as a Public Relations Officer for the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration and the Ministry of Seniors Affairs.
My main tasks include: event planning and coordination of official Ministry Announcements (something like a Press Conference), sitting on the Public Affairs Committee and chairing weekly meetings, managing invitations delivered to both Ministers, and public affairs support for important stakeholder events.

As you can see, public relations is a big part of my job. My employer was quite impressed with the amount of theoretical knowledge I had (for example – from Professor Pietzcker and Craig Schuftan in second semester’s course “Public Affairs and Public Opinion”). In Toronto, having a Masters degree from an international university goes a long way. I had the very unique experience of working amongst international students, professionals and academics in the close knit community that is Macromedia’s Berlin campus.

At Macromedia, our classes ranged from debating the difference between the definitions of marketing and sales to getting our hands dirty building a boat. Every day, Macromedia’s professors and lecturers were able to provide us with new perspectives. I had the privilege to work with Deloitte Analytics for two semesters, and witnessed my classmates’ exciting opportunity with Jagermeister. This is thanks to the course structure of Macromedia’s program and the efforts of the professors and lecturers.

In my speech, addressing the class, I said: We learned how to work together, rather than divided. A lesson I can say will definitely be used beyond the classroom walls, especially in our increasingly globalized world. I truly do believe that. Macromedia was an incredible experience and shaped who I am today.”

Thanks for sharing. We wish you a great journey. #youchange

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Paula El-Khoury, M.A., during Graduation Ceremony from Macromedia University. She studied Media and Communication Management. Foto: Stefan Walter

Native Canadian Paula receives her Master Diploma from Prof. Dr. Astrid Friese, Vice-Dean at Macromedia Campus Berlin. Foto: Stefan Walter

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