Monday | 30. October 2017

Welcome back: Macromedia graduates return and show their support as mentors

Starting with a big round of introduction and a few match-making-conversations the mentoring program began at Macromedia Munich. About 30 graduates from different media companies, music labels, design agencies, news papers, TV and radio stations, movie production and start-ups agreed to support Macromedia as mentors for students that are currently in the fifth semester Bachelor. Based on their professional experience the mentors function is to assist and advice the students on job decisions and other issues concerning their career path.

The crowd starts right after the elevator doors. No way for the students to get to the lecture hall, without a few slaps on the back, some hugs, a little bit ofsmall talk and a lot of "what's up"s, with former fellow students. Dr. Birgit Winterberg is more than happy about that. She acts as head of the Career Service at the Macromedia Munich Campus and initiated the mentor program. She is convinced  that "It was about time for the university. I've been following the careers of our graduates for years now, and I'm absolutely impressed with the great specialist and the managing positions few of them have achieved. I wanted to retrieve this expertise to our campus."

The duration of the program is one year. When coming up with the idea, Birgit Winterberg decided on an open concept, which means that only two appointments, each semester, are obligatory, the rest is for the participants to decide on. Even the compilation of the mentoring-couples is supposed to happen with as little interference by Frau Winterberg as possible. After a round of introduction in plenary, the students and graduates have the chance to get to know each other in short chat slots in order to decide on a preferred partner afterwards. "The great thing is: a lot already happened on this first evening. Many students came to me afterwards, telling me how much input they already gained soley through the short conversations.”

The Macro-Spirit: What is driving the mentors

The different reasons for the alumni to take part in the mentor-program are as varied as their career paths. “There is this Macro-Spirit, each one of us is carrying. Even when meeting someone in a professional environment, this spirit comes to shine and creates some kind of trust. The program gives me a chance to stay connected to the university”, Daniel Leichner explains. The Digital  Communication Consultant working at häberlein & maurer just finished his masters at Macromedia University after collecting first working experience and completing his Bachelor at Macromedia.

Christian Ricken ( works as film director and is surrounded by the Macro-Spirit every day, as he shares his office with Max Zilker, one of his former macromedia fellows who also participates in the mentoring program. “There’s no clear given career path, when you work as a creative mind. But there are a few principles that prove to be helpful and there are some mistakes one should try to avoid. I want to share that experience with young colleagues and at the same time introduce them to further people from the creative industry.” Christian Ricken, who recently won the bronze Clio-Award for his work, explains.

Wolfgang Eysholdt (, who successfully manages to combine his expertise in marketing und communication with his mountainbike skills, points out a further advantage of the program: “Acting as a mentor totally changed my view on my own vita. Instead of thinking ahead I started looking back, which made me see which milestone I have already achieved in the past. That makes me thankful.”

(IMH, translated by Christiana Bukalo)

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Curious to meet: Macromedia Alumni and Students join the Kick-off-Meeting of the mentoring programm at Campus Munich.

Daniel Leicher works as a Consultant Digital Communications at the communication agency häberlein & maurer.

Wolfgang Eysholdt was member of the German National Team Mountainbiking. Today he works as a consultant and testimonial for the sports industry.

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