Monday | 30. October 2017

From Macromedia graduate to company boss

Everyone knows Sillicon Valley, but almost no one really knows how it really looks like. The Macromedia graduate Malte Steiert came to find out. The company founder developed the idea of “foodguide” during a study project at Macromedia. Today his idea is being backed up by 18 employees working internationally in six teams. How did he make it? The movie “Starting up USA – from garage to unicorn in 500 km” shows exactly that and follows the 24 year old on his way through the states from Silicon Valley to the Wall Street in New York. A search for the secrets of the American start-up culture – with surprising findings.

By Friederike Hoppe | Journalism Student | Macromedia Campus Hamburg  | translated by Christiana Bukalo

There’s no guarantee for success. Especially start ups tend to follow certain short term hypes, but the path to an established company takes time. Malte Steiert, former Macromedia Student, has successfully been following this path since 2016. Meanwhile his company, the Foodguide App, is shortly before its second financing phase. He developed the idea of “Foodguide” during a semester abroad inThailand.

Foodguide – a mixture of Tripadvisor and Tinder

The concept behind it sounds quite easy: a social network for food, a mixture of Tripadvisor and Tinder. Foodguide helps users find different restaurants in their area and upload their own pictures. Meanwhile Foodguide and it’s Instagram channels are represented in 15 countries and 20 metropolises.

Behind his success: a lot of meticulousness

Despite the eloquent and laid-back way he presented his story to Macromedia students during a film screening at the campus in Hamburg, the conversation with him makes it clear, that the reason for his success is mainly meticulousness. Steiert works 70 hours a week, is reachable 24 hours a day and plans his abodes depending on his mobile internet reception. 

Time management, team work and the capacity for reflection

“I don’t like to be forced” Steiert says. His studies in “Digital Media Management” under the direction of Professor Philipp Riehm teached him a lot about time management, team work and the capacity for reflection. A short while ago Steiert won over a new well-known Investor, who believes in the success and potential of the App. Steiert isn’t stopping there, he is aiming to find bigger sponsoring partners and further international contacts. This made him travel to the IT experts of America with a trailer, containing eight sleeping spots, 6,8 litres displacement, 10 cylinders, a freezer and two cassette players.

Americas business is dancing to a different tune

In the USA the lines between work and home are blurry, they are dancing to a different tune around there. It’s no tragedy to fail, it’s rather usual for founders to fail at least once while following their aims. The conclusion after 28 days of road trip: “The timing doesn’t matter, as long as you believe in your idea”. That’s the tip Manuel Koch, founder of Inside Economy gave Steiert as young entrepreneur.

Macromedia will certainly keep its fingers crossed and says thank you for the inspirational talk.

Find out more about the Foodguide App here.

Watch the Film-trailer here.

Macromedia Alumnus Malte Steiert (left) and his mentor Florian Schmitt during his trip across the start-up hubs in the USA. (c) Haufe Lexware

Malte Steiert (left, standing) and his team in front of the Google Headquarters. (c) Haufe Lexware

During the screening at Macromedia University, Campus Hamburg, where Malte studied Digital Media Management (B.A.) with Prof Philipp Riehm.

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