Thursday | 26. October 2017

Serial production ghostLED: Support the crowdfunding now

Push it to serial production: On, Macromedia student Eleonora Raggi presents the ghostLED, a portable lighting system developed for outdoor- and other low-light photography and videography. Raggi has produced the prototype of ghostLED in Italian workshops, now she wants to bring it into serial production. For this, Raggi’s company Snap-Bits is looking for seed capital with a total of 20,000 euros. Invest in this exciting new product and support the crowdfunding on

Many outdoor-photographers know the situation: The twilight on the mountain wall is beautiful, the atmosphere in the shady forest mysterious - but the remaining daylight is not sufficient for professional photography. This is where the ghostLED of Eleonora Raggi's company Snap-Bits is used. New, light, water resistant and compatible with most devices available ghostLED is the ideal flash-companion for anyone who wants to photograph or film outdoor adventures. With its strobe and continuous mode it is perfectly suited for both still and motion usage. Click here to watch ghostLED in action.

Shooting the beautiful outdoors whenever and wherever you want

The force behind ghostLED is Eleonoar Raggi. The Macromedia-Student (Media and Communication Management B.A.) has over a decade of experience as an international outdoor photographer. The lack of a suitable, portable lighting system had been annoying her since the first days of her career, finally leading to the ghostLED project.

“We make gear that lets the most adventurous people follow their passion. It’s not only light, it’s freedom to shoot what you want, whenever and wherever you want. I am thrilled to see amazing images taken with ghostLED by all those who improved their active media lifestyle”, says Raggi.

Minimum in size and price, maximum in performance

For bringing her idea to live, Raggi put together a professional team of engineers and designers creating a sophisticated product with top marks for its price, weight and size: ghostLED is 8 x 16 cm small, 520 g light and reasonably priced at 399 €.

While pre-ordering is already possible on, Raggi and her team need to raise funding for preparing the serial production. We think: this is a great venture that deserves our full support. Click here for the different deals. #youchange


Promising a quantum leap in outdoor photography: Eleonora Raggi's portable light ghostLED.

Working as a professional outdoor-photographer herself, the lack of a portable lighting system had always annoyed her.

So powerful, so compact: enable the serial production of ghostLED and support the crowdfunding on

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