Monday | 02. October 2017

Abhiyendra Kumar: Macromedia-Ambassador in India

The campus environment of Macromedia University has become more and more international over the years. By now, students from 80 different nations are enrolled. Among those the number of students from India increases significantly – very much due to the work of Abhiyendra Kumar. He started representing Macromedia University as an International student advisor in India a year ago.

It is a year by now that Abhiyendra Kumar started working with Macromedia University. His desk is located in the German House in Chanakyapuri, New Delhi. The office is run by the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce (IGCC). Among Kumar’s immediate office neighbors are the Max Planck Center, the Universities of Berlin, Heidelberg and Cologne as well as the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). The German Embassy is located across the street. Yet half of the time Kumar spends outside the German House. He is attending Educational fairs throughout the country, explaining the benefits of studying at a German Private University to Indian High School-students and undergraduate students.

Higher Education in India: Longing for Personal Coaching   

“The academization of India’s middle class is advancing rapidly. Higher Education in the US and in Europe is very much appreciated – the Indian state universities can’t meet the broad demand. Especially private institutions with their exclusive student bodies are highly sought-after: The idea to receive personalized coaching by a university professor is a fascinating concept in this densely populated country”, reflects Abhiyendra Kumar the current situation in India.

Kumar’s enthusiasm for Education stems two years back when he entered the “Quest for Education” – a Start-up in Dubai devoted to provide first-class education for children in the United Arab Emirates. Prior to that he had worked in the fields of Business Intelligence and Financial Services.

At Macromedia University, Kumar’s activities are very much enforced: “We think internationalization is obligatory for us – content-wise as well as audience-wise. Therefore, Mr. Kumar is helping us to achieve one of our main strategic directives: Attracting an international student body. We very much appreciate his successful activities in India”, says Prof. Dr. Jürgen Faust, President of Macromedia University.

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Abhiyendra Kumar is representing Macromedia University at Study and Education Fairs in India.

With 65 percent international students Berlin is Macromedia's most diverse campus. Photo: Stefan Walter / Causalux Fotografie

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