Thursday | 04. August 2016

Participation and Empowerment: Macromedia Student receives DAAD-Award

Selected by a Macromedia commission, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) has rewarded Macromedia student Mafalda Sandrini for her accomplishments in enhancing participation and empowerment of refugees in Germany. The native Italian receives the award endowed with 1.000 Euro out of the STIBET-programme. With this programme, the DAAD intends to recognise the large and enriching presence of international students at German universities. Each university can award the prize just once.

Mafalda Sandrini is rewarded the DAAD price for International Students in Germany, endowed with 1.000 Euro. That was decided by a Macromedia commission composed of members from the dean's office, university management, international office and student representatives. The native Italian studies Media and Communication Management (M.A.) at the Berlin campus of Macromedia University. Under the academic advice of Prof. Dr. Gernot Wolfram, Sandrini analysed communication structures between the management of refugee homes, refugees and social institutions in her masterthesis.

Sandrini: Academic and non-academic engagement for migration issues

Besides her academic work the Macromedia commission was impressed by Sandrinis non-academic activities. Together with Prof. Wolfram Sandrini initiated the project „Teachers for Life“, in which Refugees are enabled to offer courses on media and cultural competence in refugee homes, thereby enhancing the educational opportunites of other refugees. Within her activities, Sandrini is particularly focusing on creating spaces for debates in order to establish a cooperative approach based on a mutual exchange of knowledge.  A couple of times Sandrini invited people participating in the qualifying measures of „Teachers for Life“ to Macromedia campus in order to open the dialogue with Macromedia students. On top, Sandrini actively supports the work of the „Board of Participation e.V.” founded by Prof. Wolfram and fellow students with the goal of promoting refugees’ participation in cultural and sporting events by a sponsoring system. Asked about her motivation the 26-year-old says: „For many African refugees Italy is the first European country they reach on their long and dangerous journey. To me as an Italian, questions of migration and displacement are therefore very present. What really drives me is the question, how our established educational structures may be changed in order to support the integretation of refugees even better. “


Mafalda Sandrini studies "Media and Communication Management (M.A.)" at Macromedia University in Berlin.

Prof. Dr. Gernot Wolfram serves as Head of Graduate School on the Berlin campus of Macromedia University.

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