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210 ECTS points are required to start a master’s programme. 300 ECTS points are generally needed for a master’s degree. The three-semester Master’s programme from Macromedia University awards 90 ECTS. The preceding bachelor’s courses, usually award between 180 and 210 ECTS depending on the university or college and the duration of the course.

If you have completed your bachelor’s degree with 180 ECTS, Macromedia University’s Pre-Semester course offers the option of obtaining the extra 30 ECTS points needed and thus prepares you for possible admission to the master’s programme. The master’s programme normally lasts three semesters, with classes being held on three days a week maximum, e.g. from Thursday to Saturday.

You can obtain the extra 30 ECTS needed for admission to the master’s programme in two ways: 

  • As a Pre-Semester course with attendance-based classes, i.e. before you start your master’s programme, you complete a preceding semester in which you can obtain the 30 ECTS.
  • As an online Pre-Semester course that you complete through self-study alongside the actual master’s programme. You therefore have a higher workload but save time.

The choice is yours. The Macromedia Student Advisory Service will be pleased to help you find the best solution to meet your needs.

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At a glance

AttendanceAttendance-based Pre-Semester courseOnline Pre-Semester course
AttendanceAttendance-basedNo attendance
StartOnly in the winter semester from 1 OctoberAlongside the start of the master’s programme on 15 March for the summer semester or 1 October for the winter semester
Duration1 semester, full-timeAlongside the master’s lectures, divided between 1st and 2nd semesters
LanguageGerman or EnglishEnglish
Course contentCompact coverage of content in one semesterIncreased course content due to division of content between online modules that need to be completed through self-study and attendance-based lectures that are held in addition to the master’s lectures.

Course content

The content of both routes is the same. The programme has been carefully developed and contains a combination of selected modules from Macromedia University bachelor’s courses. The Pre-Semester course covers key principles and specialist skills from business, media, communications and research. You also work on practice-based projects where you apply your theoretical knowledge to real-life situations.

Scientific Methods and Concepts This module deepens the knowledge to develop and to undertake professional research projects. It gives students the methods and tools required to evaluate data in a media context and to deliver meaningful scientific results.
Current Issues in Media and Communication This module applies theoretical knowledge to current issues in media management through critical thinking and analysis. Subjects are chosen from a wide range of current “hot” topics such as product development, marketing and management.
Intercultural Communication This module encompasses the cross-cultural comparison of management and communications processes. It emphasizes possible (and practical) cultural and geographic distinctions that affect individual, group, and organizational behavior. The overall objective of the module is to better understand the divergence in management practices across the world today. On conclusion, students should be able to better understand various management approaches in different areas of the world.
Business Planning The business planning module provides a foundation for developing a business idea and creating a business plan. Students will learn to address the key strategic, planning and budgetary issues. Students will have the opportunity to review the initial stages of their plans using analytical and empiric data, which they also collect. An introduction to financing options shall provide complementary knowledge.
Practical Orientation Project In this module, students will independently transfer theoretical knowledge to a practical media project.

Example tuition fees

Tuition fees – Pre-Semester course with attendance-based lectures
Master’s Pre-Semester course in German e.g. monthly €880
plus €500 registration fee (for students from EU countries)
More information is available here.
Master’s Pre-Semester course in English e.g. monthly of €1,025
plus €500 registration fee (for students from EU countries)
More information is available here.

Tuition fees – online Pre-Semester combined with master’s programme
Master’s with online Pre-Semester course in German For students from EU countries
Starting from €500 per month with guarantee
plus €500 registration fee
More information is available here.
Master’s with online Pre-Semester course in English For students from EU countries
Starting from €500 per month with guarantee
plus €500 registration fee
More information is available here.

The Macromedia Student Advisory Service will be pleased to help with any questions you may have.

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